Flying when we can't fly

So … given the horrible weather this weekend I was wondering what I can do to get my drone fix when I can’t go fly… Came across this and wondered if anyone had any used it and if any good?

If it can do ATTI mode it would be a great opportunity to practice for emergencies.


Thanks - David.

Get a cheap mini toy quad. One with attitude hold (self level).

Once you learn to buzz that around the house flying your full size quad is a breeze.

Even the tello looks good for indoors.

I used to use simulators with cp helicopters. I got bored very easily and you don’t have the heart pumping moments when you think your gonna crash.

I have owned Realflight and Phoenix. Sold both. To be honest they are good but after a while they get a bit boring unless you are trying to learn something in particular. They were invaluable for learning to fly a CP helicopter. Did you see the DJI mavic simulator for Epson glasses?

@frogbmth Not checked DJI mavic simulator for Epson glasses - do you know if it has ATTI mode? I see so many posts of flyaway when pilot doesn’t know how to react if GPS fails. Happened to me a few flights back and I want to be better prepared next time.

@callum I live in a very small house - indoor flight is not an option unfortunately!

Thanks …

I have no idea I am afraid Dave, don’t want to look too closely at it or I will want to buy it :joy:

But a Sim will def help learn to fly in Atti mode. So in that respect it is worth buying plus if you feel you have learnt all you can sometime there is a healthy resale market.

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Moverio - Epson AR Flight Simulator not available in this region :frowning:

You need to get yourself a tiny whoop! Most of them don’t hold altitude but imo that’s how a real drone works. They’re perfect for practicing inside the house. I fly fpv but they’re also good for los.
This is my second one but my first one was just a cheap one which came with a transmitter.

This is the first one I had and it’s awesome. I think you can find cheaper ones without the fpv camera but it’s also a good way to get into fpv with a cheap set of goggles or a monitor.

These small ones, like @dancarpy posted, above, are quite suitable for small houses. :+1: