Flying with buzzards

I nearly turned around and went home without flying as it was quite windy. Glad I didn’t as I was accompanied by some buzzards. Thank fully they were curious and not aggressive. Hope you enjoy.



What an amazing close up encounter!

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wow … loved the bit where they are just coasting right next to you

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I wish Kites were this chill, they just want to chase them

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Amazing footage. Loved watching it. :+1:

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Fantastic video.
Thought I was watching a scene from Planet Earth.

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It’s fantastic to see Buzzards flying but close up is even better and the the fact that they are not bothered. I think Buzzards are a very tolerant animal particularly when you see them being harassed by large birds and not being fussed :+1:

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That’s a fantastic capture @BigglesPippa :clap:t2:

Congrats on your new Strange Sightings badge :smiley:

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Wow outstanding, and I am not the slightest jealous

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Some amazing close ups well done. Its interesting also the sheep did not seem to notice the drone either.
given the obvious wind the total lack of camera shake is amazing.

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Very well done, I am not so sure that they would have been so kind to my Phantom 4 Pro, which is a little bit noisier.

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Thanks. My hands were shaking lol.

When the one flew straight at the drone I was more than a little nervous. When they hovered next to me I couldn’t believe it, couldn’t wait to get home and put the video on the computer.

I’ve heard that seagulls aren’t very friendly to drones either.

Glad you enjoyed it.

I can’t believe how well the video came out. I normally film at 30fps but on this occasion I’d set it to 60fps to try it out. That helped a lot as shutter speed was faster so less motion blur and easier to slow footage down.

From where I was standing they looked small, no detail to see. Never seen them close like that before.

Thanks, it was 1 in a million. A few weeks before I was filming a reservoir and focused on the screen. Saw something out of the corner of my eye, it was an owl flying straight at me. Unfortunately the drone wasn’t near enough to film it. Damn!!

Haha. It was pure luck/the gods smiling down on me.

The magic of gimbals. No idea how they work but high praise to the inventor.