Flying without any obstacle avoidance on

Ok first time flying so low without any obstacle avoidance on, and over water too. Hope you like the video.


Nice flying. For the record, don’t take your sensors for granted over water. The downward sensors can get confused and give incorrect height.
You had them off on this occasion. Just a heads up for you in future flying trips over water.


Well done, that was nicely put together.

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Very nice, great perspective! You’re a lot braver than me!:joy:

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Nice. It’s not always about flying at an altitude so that it looks like a a Google Earth APP, but drones offer so much creative opportunities when used in close proximity.

As for obstacle avoidance and similar sensors I’ve always found them to be more of a hinderance than a help, on the two drones I have with these features I have them permanently disabled. I can appreciate their purpose when the flight is autonomous e.g. The Skydio and Skydio2, but when the flight is manual I feel safer when as much control as possible is taken out of the hands of our Robot Overlords.

All hail the a Robot Overlords



This :point_up: (albeit with my one drone).

I prefer that what the drone does is only what I asked it to do … rather than some unexpected override.


Thank you for all the great comments. So glad this worked out how I pictured it. I prefer leaving my sensors on as still learning different things. So was absolutely shitting my self when doing this. The sensors just wouldn’t let me get low enough, but had a point where something made the drone dip to nearly touching the moment. Wow never hit climb up as quick before.

Thank you again.

just a dab in the water would of added major excitement :grin:. Only joking don’t do that. Yeah nice little video. :+1:

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Fantastic. You’ll get the confidence soon. (Replacement new for old insurance helps :+1::rofl:)

Very short clip of me going for it in a local wooded beck.