Flytron Strobes

Looking at the flytron website and they have two types of Standalone lights for Mavic Pro

One is Cree, the other isn’t. Weight is the same and the difference in dimensions are 2mm on all sides.

Apart from this, and £4, what’s the difference??

One blinds you longer than the other in my experience…:star_struck:

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CREE LEDs are faaaaarrrr brighter :+1:t2:

Oops missed saying CREE’s are blighter…

Here they are fitted to my Mavic Pro…

I want to order 2, one red and one white for the front and rear.

Will I be able to put one centre front without it affecting the camera? If not, will one on a front leg alter the balance?

The crees can cause issues if put on the front it affects the camera and front sensors I believe
Best place for me is the rear arms but I’m sure some will disagree

I have four of them - red & green at the end of the appropriate forward arms facing forward; a white one on the very front of the top; plus another white one at the rear.

Flying only in daylight, I have not noticed any interference with the camera.

As has been said - these things are BRIGHT!!!

The crees are so light they wont affect flight performance.

They may affect the sensors if you are placing them so close. I put mine on the legs and have never encountered any flight sensor video or photographic problems …

I attach mine with VELCO. I have 4, 2X whites a green and a red …. they look awesome in flight and adds to visibility massively. The crees can be seen in bright direct daylight and at dusk be seen at a distance of 3 miles.

Purchased a pair of crees this week using GA’s promo code cost about £26 I fitted mine with a small cable tie to a pair of leg extenders and gotta sat they live up to there expectations well impressed need another pair now for front.

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Yep . Futures looking bright so i goto ware shades .

I bought Cree lights. I found them useful when learning to fly my Mavic air. But after a while when you master and are more confident in flying you don’t need them.

I’ve been using the Cree ones for about 3 years…they extend VLOS for the Mavic to around 400m in daylight. I also use them during commercial night flight. Well worth the money.

I have 6 which I attach with Velcro so that they can be easily removed as required.

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