FLYTRON STROBON C-1 Cree Standalone Drone Strobes with USB Type-C Charging, 3 in total colours Red, White, Green [SOLD]

FLYTRON STROBON C-1 Cree® Standalone Drone Strobes with USB Type-C Charging in colours red, white and green.

£30 inc tracked insured postage.
Very little use and fully working.
Last pic shows original cost with club discount.


@Kings we have edited your last picture to hide our Members Only discount code :slight_smile:

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@GADC_Committee sorry, I deleted the code from below where it says order discount and missed the other, my bad :disappointed:

Good luck with the sale :smiley:

Jim @Kings are these still available mate?

@PingSpike Yes still available, no interest tho, remove the listing if you want :+1:t3:

I’ll take them off you Jim :slight_smile:

DM on the way.