Flywoo explorer setup

They have the ‘HD’ version in stock. As far as I can make out the only difference is it comes with a LHCP antenna instead of a RHCP antenna

Just reading through this, how was you flying it this time? Line of sight?

No. Goggles always go on before you even arm.

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and so it begins… :rofl:

don’t let it dishearten you though, its all part of the hobby.

now I can read your mind, its thinking “must fight the urge to buy more drones!” “I must have spare drones”

just given in mate its a battle we’ve all had with ourselves and everyone of us has lost the battle lol

so my advice just don’t even attempt to fight it just buy/build a spare quad. :grin:

Oh, man, you’re properly in the club now. :rofl: It’s surprising how far they go in such a short time, isn’t it? Don’t worry, this will get better. I needed about 3 football fields’ space early days, but much more comfortable with smaller spaces nowadays.

Stick with it and keep saving.

Yes many of us have 3D printers and they are very useful for a lot of the add-on parts - camera mounts, arm protectors, etc. - but not so much for the actual quad frames themselves. This can be done, but requires specific types of filament and quad design.

Besides, 3D printing is a whole other slippery slope you don’t want to get started on. :grin:

If you need to scratch the itch while you’re waiting for your spares to arrive, this is really cheap (in FPV terms), FrSky D8, so compatible with your controller, small and robust, so you should have more options for places to fly

@gunja99 and I both have one and I’ve been having a lot of fun with mine. If you get one, don’t forget the batteries. :wink:

Heh yeah, here we go slippery slope. From 0 to 9 quads in a year… Made my first around this time (actually might have had a tinyhawk S at this point), lost is on the second time out. Sulked over christmas, then started again… I have promised myself spares and repairs for rest of year. Oh and have 3 planes now too! Addictive hobby!

The cineflea @Earwig linked is good for the price, and yeah you want spares, lol. driving 2 hours and breaking ONE quad on firs flight… Not the done thing, haha. Oh yeah bought 3d printer too. I don’t think you can 3d print an arm that’d work well, of at all. 3d printed will just break.

TBH the one you have doesn’t look like it’s got strong arms, for bando bashing you may want something a little more robust! Great hobby, lot’s to learn, so many different things to try. Building your own helps you know how to repair/upgrade (I’ve only built from scratch one, and the cineflea was a kit, so guess counts).

One thing I will recommend is to avoid bandos/concrete until you get proficient flying. Stick tyo a field and set yourself a goal (i.e. circle the field, land, figures of 8), one each time you go out and practise that move until happy :slight_smile: Then look at power loops, split s, etc and build it up slowly. I rushed to bandos (cos they cool like init), but probably not the best idea… Willington @Earwig ?


His best bet would be to close his wallet, close his eyes and pretend he never found this forum :laughing:

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3D printing is a hobby and skill all on its own. its not just a case of buying a 3D printer and expecting it to just work… very similar to FPV drones in that respect. it takes a lot of learning.

Yeah, as someone else said, your quad is more of a cruising/exploring type, rather than a bando/freestyle ripper. It is designed for light weight and endurance rather than pure maneuverability and is good to learn on, in open spaces.

I started with a similar quad and flew it over playing fields until I was comfortable, it is quite robust especially with the extra bracing on the arms which I recommend you do fit when you fix the arm, but concrete and tarmac is unforgiving…

Heh I bought 3 frames for my self build (cheap £20 frames). Bizarrely never had to use spare arms yet… Spares and repairs, spares and repairs.

Your quad does look quite fragile for concrete tbh!

Another tip. Use Acro-Trainer mode for the first couple of flights.

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