FLYWOO, we like?

Having just lost my Diatone on the roof of Wessex Water, I’m fed up with underpowered vtx getting foxed by trees… This I find tempting… Quiet enough to attach little attention and with amazing flight time…

What we thinking? (other than… Too lazy to build your own…?)


Your going to snap arms. Stock up :wink:

Yeah, but… Is it cool? I am leaning towards hells yeah and tbh, the amount of faff I’ve had getting crossfire on my tbs source 1, I just wanna fly… Is that so bad?

It looks like a new release and the 16x16 stack would give me pause

Think its a bit dear mate

Nah the price is good. The vista alone is £130

Tbh, I was thinking it would be nice for some long range cinematic stuff, but then I have now realised that I’ve got a goddamn Mavic Pro!! So it’s just medium range freestyle I’m looking for and the point about the spindly legs is a good one. I just need to sort out my 5" and have done with it.

From the reviews I’ve seen from Nurk and the likes it has received quite a lot of praise. A little too rich for my blood but possibly the price will drop once the initial popularity wanes.