Foggy Sunrise over Portsmouth


“excellent where did you buy that fog”? I could do with some too…:metal:


i can sell you some fog how much do you want


“enough to lose her indoors in”…:sunglasses:


ok just give me your glasses and your camera lens

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Fan bloody tastic as always @BrianB, and subbed.


Yeah, im full of that right now :rofl::frowning_face::point_up:


Gorgeous. Very dreamy look. Love it.

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Superb. :+1:

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I promise, no green screen involved @scorps!

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@scorps @SteveBell @PaperCrane @MementoMori @Njoro @Migs @Simonlee. Thank you all, much appreciated

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Hi Brian, Without doubt the best piece of filming I have seen in a long time.
This is what our hobby is all about!


Finally loaded! Simply stunning Brian!!! I dig that music!!!


@Mel @Longstride. Thanks Guys

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Hi , new to the forum .That was spectacular. What precautions do you consider when flying above fog?


How did I miss this? @BrianB this is a work of art mate, simply amazing!

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Hi @Dedpunx and welcome to GADC

Thank for the comment. The video does make the fog look thicker than it was that morning. I was able to keep my Mavic Air in sight due to the bright light above. Also, because I shot in 4K, I was able to zoom in post post-edit to get more movement.

Even so, I was surprised how wet my MA was when it came down and certainly wouldn’t take it up in any thicker mist.


Thanks @GrahameRob