Footage being used for G7 Promotion

Very cool to see some of my clips being used on the BBC and on Boris Johnsons Social Feeds to promote the G7 Summit in Cornwall this year. (the mount time lapse not mine)

All happened very quickly and was sworn to secrecy as well, ha me secrecy.


Please tell us you get paid


yes for the footage used on local BBC news which will hopefully get up to national and then used again by BBC for future work.

Clips for Boris were filmed for the Carbis bay Hotel last year, and paid for, so they are theirs to give out for media use. but definitely claiming and sharing on social feeds at the moment

just updated web site to match as well,


Seriously though, nice clip and a good bit of exposure for you and for Cornwall :slight_smile: :+1:


Excellent work Lee.


Awesome Lee. Well done.

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Well done its nice to see the work and effort pays off. Everyone gets a little buzz when there efforts are recognised Bob Willis

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That is really cool Lee :sunglasses: well done :clap:t2:

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Well done Lee…:+1:

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