Footage request

First proper post since the new year so all the very best to all of GADC and your family.

I received an email requesting the us off some of my footage for an upcoming David and Goliath football leagues tie between a local lower league team Marine AFC and Tottenham hotspur.

The one the selected off YouTube is one of my first and pretty poor if I am honest so I have put some other bits in a Dropbox for them to use.

Hopefully they use it this is the first request I have had.


What price did you agree on?


It’s nice to be asked, congrats. :slight_smile:

Hope you chanced your arm and asked what they paid… though experience suggests they’d give the well-worn “we don’t have a budget for this” response. :thinking:

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I was happy to be asked to be honest, didn’t ask for payment just a mention.

Still don’t actually understand the rules surrounding this :sweat_smile: my belief is that as it already my footage and there was no prior agreement on place I can sell it.

I do want to do a A2 and move commercial.

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You’re quite correct*. You weren’t planning on selling the footage when you took it, so if somebody comes and offers you cash for it, knock yourself out :slight_smile:

(*Or you were until the rules changed 8 days ago :wink: )

I have been into drone for around a Yr or so and I just kind of understood the rules enough to get by now I have no idea :see_no_evil::man_shrugging:

Iv spent too long studying latly for work so my brain has no space at present.


Well done

If you’re not busy next weekend I’ve a couple of rooms need decorating, I’ll happily mention you :wink:


:see_no_evil: :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: Now you say it like that!



Congrats but be sure to ask for payment next time.

I’m sure the pro’s are livid about this sort of thing. It’s basically undercutting even though it wasn’t your intention, damaging to the industry.

(Ps I’m not a pro with this but work in a similar industry)

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