For Sale: DJI Inspire 1 v2 Pro + Ground Station + Three Cameras + plus + plus!

Inspire 1 v2 Pro + Ground Station + Three Cameras + plus + plus!

It is with a heavy heart that I post this. The time has sadly come to sell my beloved DJI Inspire, and everything that goes with it.

Anyone who has followed my posts here over the last two years will know how loved and fettled this Inspire kit is, and anyone who’s ever bought anything from me in the past will also attest to the 100% mint condition all my gear is always in.

Why am I selling all my wonderful Inspire goodies?

Sadly, I simply don’t have the time to use it. We’re about to start our busy season in two weeks time which will see me working crazy hours each week right through to the end of August, which then also means even less spare time available to enjoy the Inspire :pensive:


My loss is your gain, right?

Pull up a chair and get comfy, this is possibly the biggest “for sale” post we’ve ever had - there’s a lot of stuff with this kit!

DJI Inspire 1 v2

  • One-off custom carbon fibre patterned airframe, hyrdodipped by Hydro Style UK

  • X5 gimbal plate

  • Quick release props

  • Charger (standard/original)

  • Primary controller has quick-release antenna mounts
    – To accept Titan Whips for added dB gain
    – Or for connecting directly to Ground Station Harness

  • Slave second controller
    – For the camera operator to use, independently of the drone pilot

  • Currently running an old firmware version (for obvs reasons)
    – Can be flashed forwards to any version you like

Ground Station with dual Titan-powered amps

  • Powered by dual Titan Atlas amplifiers and 7dB gain extended whip antennas

  • Genuine PELI hard casement

  • You just need to add a CrystalSky (not included) or use a tablet of your own
    — Ground station is USB-C tablet connector but you can probably get an adaptor for other USB connector types?

  • Full size K&F tripod also included

  • I also have a modified Mavic Pro controller which has the same quick release connectors for Titan Whips or for connecting to Ground Station Harness
    – Separate sale, contact for details


  • 5x TB48 batteries (yup, TB48, not 47s!)

  • Four of them are hydrodipped to match the Inspire 1
    – One of them is plain white

Battery Warmer

  • One genuine DJI TB47/48 battery warmer also included

SmartPower Charge SPCM100

  • 500w power

  • Can charge 4x TB48s at the same time!

  • AND two controllers too!

Zenmuse X3 Camera

(X3 is the one on the right)

Zenmuse Z3 Camera (Zoom)

(Z3 is the one on the left)

Zenmuse X5 Camera plus 15mm lens (MFT)

Polar Pro filter set

  • Will fit both the X3 and the Z3 cameras

Carry Cases

  • Original DJI Inspire “suitcase”
    – With working zips!

Screen Shot 2021-02-14 at 19.20.55

  • InsPak X5 carry case
    – Allows drone to stay in flight-mode

  • DJI hard camera case
    – Holds the X3, the Z3 and the X5 all in one case

Random spares

  • X3 gimbal plate
  • Two Strobon CREEs included, plus mounts
  • Spare quick release props (at least four, still boxed/new)
  • A box full of other spares / accessories

Collection / Delivery

Collection only, far too much stuff here to post.

I’m in Wigan, just 5 mins from J25 on the M6 or 15mins from the M61.

Or I’m willing to drive to meet you somewhere half way, up to 1hr away, after lockdown has ended. A 10% deposit will be required in advance to secure the sale if you want this meet-up option.


£2,750 for the whole shebang

How did I get to this number? :thinking:

I trawled the sold-auctions on eBay looking for identical items that have sold in the last three months in order to get a fair and average price for each item, were I to sell it all separately.

It breaks down as:

Item Price
Inspire 1 v2, hydrodipped, 2x controllers, etc £750
X3 camera £200
Z3 camera £370
X5 camera £800
TB48 Batteries (£150 each, I have five) £750
Polar Pro Filters £80
Battery heater £15
Titan powered+amplified Ground Station
You can’t buy Ground Stations, the Titan amp kit cost £490 on it’s own
I would sell for…
Camera case (for three cameras) £40
DJI Suitcase £50
Total £3,455

(That’s not the new price don’t forget, that’s the current second hand value!)

Hence bundled together and discounted by some SEVEN HUNDRED POUNDS, brings us to a very reasonable £2,750 all in.

Plus, you’re buying from a long-standing member with a solid reputation. You’re not taking a chance on some random eBay seller of which you know nothing about the source / quality / etc.

Sales pitch over :blush:


I’ve typed up as much as I could remember, it’s taken me an hour!

And I’ve probably forgotten some really useful information so just shout if you have any questions.

Let me know if you need more photos of any item in the bundle :slight_smile:


I’d be interested in the camera case, the Inspak and the spares if you’re splitting.

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That’s a hell of a kit and good price, good luck with the sale :crossed_fingers:


Wow that’s some kit, I was googling original prices :scream::scream::scream:

I be envious whoever gets it .:+1:

Goodluck Rich.:+1:

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I’d love this but really can’t see me getting this past the mrs.

Best of luck with the sale as that’s some kit!

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Wow…great advert and so, so tempted!! Amazing kit, some very lucky person out there will snap this lot up!!!

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Poor Rich @PingSpike
Everybody saying what a bargain it is, and IT IS :+1: :+1: :smiley:
But nobody parting with money yet.


Very nice. Wish i had pennies. Sure it will sell.

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Wow, wasn’t expecting that price I won’t lie! Someone is going to get lucky!

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Looks absolutely beautiful. I’d be scared to fly it, silly; I know. Do I spend the money I was saving for a new iMac Pro ???


Great fun to fly!

Fantastic stills and video!

Great price!

This has edged me further towards selling my inspire :roll_eyes:

Good luck Rich @PingSpike, I’ve also been toying with selling all my Inspire stuff, although I haven’t used it for a long time I think I would also regret it if I did :thinking:

If I did split everything and sell it separately, I’d be £700 quid better off :rofl:

I’m in no rush to sell though so it’ll remain as an amazing bundle for some time yet. I’ll probably take it to eBay as a bundle after lockdown ends as an auction may yield a higher selling price too when the bids start coming in :thinking:

You’ve also reminded me, I didn’t factor in the cost of the InsPak case, or the full size K&F tripod for the ground station. Which pushes the savings to one lucky buyer on this bulk package even higher still :scream:


I’d have the lot now, but I don’t need another Inspire 1.

I would have the lot now but don’t have cash even at this fantastic price. I am sure when lockdown down ends and we get bit more freedom to move about it will be snatched up. But i hope you are putting price up when you advertise else where. To cover items you said you forgot to factor in

I’d have the lot now … but the Inspire weighs more than 250g. :wink:


@Darren71 if you’re serious, get in touch if you want to discuss interest free credit / realistic offers / etc.


:joy: Just a bit.