For sale: DJI Mavic Air 2 - [SOLD]

Hi all,

Thought I’d give you folks first refusal as this forum has been very helpful and it may be a good bargain for someone here.
As I have described before, we bought this drone to use with our college students over a year ago (pre-Covid) and never got round to using it before the pandemic hit. Then all the new category restrictions came in which somewhat scuppered our plans. It’s too late to return it so we are now hoping to sell it and buy a drone which will be better suited to our needs.

It is the DJI MAVIC AIR 2 FLY MORE COMBO set. Completely new and unopened.
It was £950, but we are selling for £750 ono hoping for a quick sale.

If you are considering purchasing please note: Payment will need to be via cheque (our finance team are a bit strict on safest forms of payment). Also, as this is being sold on behalf of our college, we will need the buyer to digitally sign a sales form and receipt for our records which I will email over.

I will send the item out once the cheque payment has cleared, we will cover the cost of recorded and insured postage as long as it’s mainland UK. If not, please let me know and I’ll look at alternative options.

Any questions welcome. Just post here or message me. Thanks.

I think you are being restrictive here.

I, personally, haven’t owned a chequebook for over 10 years.

Who in there right mind would turn over a cheque (if they can find one) and wait while the cheque was cleared before you “dispatched” the drone?

I think you should offer alternative payment options as this will give you wider potential audience.

Just my 2 pence worth.

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I’m with you Steve not sure I remember what cheques even look like :thinking:


Couldn’t find a “smell a fish” gif 🤦🏽

Remember this is a local education authority we’re talking about here - just lucky they aren’t asking for payment in guineas :wink:


Yes I totally understand that it’s not particularly convenient, however the only other options our finance team can accomodate are cash or BACS. Cash isn’t really appropriate for this kind of sale and I understand BACS is not permitted here from what I’ve read, so unfortunately I have to stick in the dark ages on this one!!
If it’s inconvenient for you then I believe there is another Mavic Air 2 available in this section.

I already have a MA2. I was trying to assist you in the sale.

You have set yourself a very small window of opportunity.

Hope you manage to sell it and get a suitable replacement :+1:

Both my sons went to your college BTW :+1:

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No worries, I understand its not ideal.

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Ah fab, hope they both enjoyed their time here!


I know one did - I believe he’s still in touch with Mhairi Mitchison ( he’s doing a PhD in physics ) - the other one isn’t speaking to me since the divorce :frowning:

Aw, that’s sad to hear, but glad one is doing well at least! We’re always excited to hear what former students are up to. Blackpool gets a very bad rep for many (often legitimate) reasons but the young people we work with are constantly inspiring!

Don’t be so hard on the guy. It’s not his fault.
Some would say your attitude is rather pompous, I’ll leave you to decide :neutral_face:

Sorry if I have offended anyone.
I was not trying to do that and I am shocked that this has come across the wrong way.

I was trying to say there must be another way payment can be accepted/taken for this item.

We are in a digital world and everyone now pays in a digital way. What I saw here was an old fashioned way of receiving payment. If the means of receiving payment were some way altered or adjusted to the more digital way, I could see a lot more people being interested and therefore the sale of the item would be quicker.

@Steviegeek If I have offended or you have perceived me as being pompous then I apologise.

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No worries, no offence taken. :slightly_smiling_face: I understand your point and agree, it wouldn’t be my preferred payment method either, but sadly I’m stuck with what’s possible to process as it needs to have the necessary paper trail for our finance department.


Perhaps any perspective buyer can PayPal or BT @melvisu and they can write a cheque or pay cash ?

Management 101

Sadly I’m afraid I’m not able to do it that way either. Not able to handle payments directly due to college policy (especially as it is a large sum) it would need to go directly through our finance dept.
Sorry to be awkward. :confused:


This item has now been sold.
Many thanks.


Sorry, thanks for your interest but it has now been sold.