For Sale Mavic 2 Zoom plus extras

DJI MAVIC 2 ZOOM plus flymore combo kit excluding bag but there are two protective bags one for mavic and the other for the controller which is better,also a fast charger which charges all the batteries at once.mavmount sunshade fireproof cases for batteries flown once and in perfect condition complete with all leads and extras including nd filters and original box.
dji care refresh and select but not sure if can be transferred.

£1200 no postage


WOW! How come you’re selling out of interest? Was it not as good as you hoped or something else?

never get time to fly had it some months and flown it once

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just wondering and any opinions welcome is this price realistic?

Personally I’d say its a little on the high side.

I buy a lot of kit ‘used’ and always go on the premise of 50% of new retail

Good luck though with the sale.

thanks for you reply had a few offers but silly ones if too low i can always keep it.

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That’s a shame ! The reason you’re selling that is.