FOR SALE Mavic Air + accessories (unopened)


Picked up a Mavic Air (arctic white) + a couple of accessories in the US. Unopened.

Looking for £800 for the lot incl P&P.

Payment via paypal.

From the website ( here’s what’s included in the box

1x Aircraft
1x Remote controller
1 x Intelligent flight battery
4 x Propellers
1 x Propeller guards
1 x Charger
1 x Power cable
1 x RC Cable (Lightning connector)
1 x RC Cable (standard Micro USB connector)
1 x RC Cable (USB Type-C connector)
1 x Communication Cable (USB3.0 Type-C)
1 x USB Adapter
1x Carrying case
1 x Gimbal Protector
1 x RC Cable Slider (Large)
2 x RC Cable Slider (Small)

  • accessories

1 x intelligent flight battery
1 x ScanDisk Extreme MicroSD Card 64GB

Here are some pictures