For Sale: Phantom 4 Pro Obsidian (Full PfCO Kit

Gentlemen and Ladies,

I need your counsel. I am trying to sell my Phantom 4 Pro Obsidian and its supporting kit. I have an advert on Gumtree, but I guess my price is wrong as I am not getting any interest.

The advert text is below, and there are a few pictures posted along with it.

I guessed at a price to be honest, I would appreciate anyone who could give me a more realistic price for what it might be worth.

Phantom 4 Pro in black!! This is a complete package ideal for a PfCO or someone who intends getting their PfCO. The drone is 18 months old and has approximately 25 flying hours. 2 sets of standard black props and a set of white low noise. There are 4 additional batteries with extended charger. Also included is a Crystal Sky Ultra with 2 batteries, this is probably the best screen you can get for a drone, sunlight is not a problem, far brighter than using your phone or an ipad. Set of 6 Neewer ND filters and an anemometer. DJI harness to help reduce hand/arm strain whilst flying. Finally a Manfrotto backpack to keep everything in one place and easy to carry.

At this time I am not looking to split this package as it is ideal for someone who is looking to become a PfCO or needs a fallback drone. I did my PfCO with this drone and it flies superb. These are very easy to fly and also incorporate the safety features that DJI make such as geofencing, height restrictions and the ability to make it easy to follow the drone code. Flight tests can be arranged. You will need to arrange your own collection as I am unable to send Lipo batteries by standard carrier methods. So, collection is advised.

Your advice is appreciated.


Hi Geoff,
Out of interest what price did you put on it?

Have you taken it off Gumtree? Just wondered what you were asking for it?

Here you go lads.

Very nice but I can see why you are getting no interest if I’m honest, your price is too high.


Yes, I get that. I went for just under half of what it all cost.

Normal rule of thumb that, Half the original purchase price is what most second hand dealers would pitch in at.

Hi, it’s up for £1950. The whole lot cost me over £4K so I figured a little under half price. But now I need some general guidance on what I should be asking for it all.

I didn’t have the P4 but did have the P3SE which has most of the features of the 4 just, AIUI, without the sensors. I paid £400 for that with 3 batteries, spare props, case, etc… That was almost 2yrs ago.

How about splitting it and selling the Crystal Sky and Obsidian separately?

Why not put in the advert what each item cost you and when it was purchased?

Either that or stick to your guns and hold out for what you want, you might get lucky.

Or, I could swap you two Inspire 1’s for the lot :thinking::rofl:

Check the ‘sold’ section on eBay mate, that’ll tell you what people are paying on average :+1:t2:

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Hi all,

Just giving this a bump as I have had my P4Pro Obsidian on Gumtree for about a month and to be honest, its become a pain in the ass. I have had a heap of scam responses so I am putting it back on here before I take it off Gumtree.

The add is here, The price is £1250 for the lot but as I say, I would prefer a collection rather than trying to sort out carriers and it would also allow for a proof of flight.

regards all.