Forest Flight - Tamworth

My second or third flight with my Mavic Mini. I have seen a few vids of people crashing in trees or having a hard time flying in and around trees. I think the mini is perfect for this sort of thing as its a little more “dumb” than the likes of a Mavic Air 2 / Pro etc that has way too many sensors on it they tend to try and avoid a branch or something and that makes them fly into another obstacle.

The mini you keep your eye on it and when you get too close let go of the sticks to go into a hover and then work out your next move.

It is nerve-racking for sure but good fun and a great way to build on your flying skills.

Just a little vid from a flight I did in a local forest / wooded area in Tamworth. Sorry for the edit too as I am just getting my head around the idea of telling a story via video - creativity is not my strong point - hopefully, I will be a better pilot than a visual storyteller.


Here is a clip of the mini coming down through the trees. This is a bit more nerve-racking as the downward sensor does pick up the branches and things it’s the ground and it does stop every now and then. But that does help with maneuvering it around

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