Forgotten ship - Added to Everything Else in South East

I have just added this to the map of places to fly your drone at Drone Scene - Location # 302

Land owner permission requirements unknown.

Another place to fly


Has anyone else flown here? Off Motney Hill in Lower Rainham. Riverside Country Park has a ‘no drones’ statement (which I suspect is unenforceable) and claims to cover Motney Hill as well as Sharps Green, although this appears to be outside the yellow area on the Drone Scene map. I can’t see how the park restriction - even if it is enforceable - could apply to offshore flights anyway.

I flew here for the first time last Sunday. I parked in Motney Hill Road car park and didn’t see any signs. Also checked Drone Scene and Drone Assist. I flew over the shoreline from the bank on Motney Hill Road with a view of the shipwreck.
It’s a beautiful place to fly. If you go, I’d recommend at really low tide. Beautiful patterns in the mud from the water flowing out and the weed beds. Looks great flying over with the camera pointing down.
Had some passers by but didn’t seem bothered by me flying.

Thanks - I did. I should post something! Interesting weather with fog just offshore from the wreck which was challenging, but added to the atmosphere. Completely broke the Rocket quickshot because the pano was almost completely white!

Same experience as you - no signs, few people, no bother. We mostly shot from the remains of an old building just offshore.


Blimey! That is stunning. Excellent work all round on flying and editing

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Thanks. I’m still figuring both out!

Hey folks. Between work and moving into my flat over the past year, I did find time to video this shipwreck last year when I first joined Grey Arrows. At the time of filming, I didn’t know this was the ship Aberdeen Headway… as old as me! :grimacing: Great peaceful place to fly. I got lucky as low tide was early in the morning so not too many people were around yet.

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