Forth Bridge, Scotland

My weekend exploits. Not the best weather but at least it stopped raining.


Just wondering, did you have it in fixed focus? Thinking that scene might have resulted in a bit of “focus hunting” if not.

I have to admit that, as I watched the vid, I thought “Epic for flying a racing drone in amongst all the gaps in the structure!”. #NaughtyThoughts :stuck_out_tongue:

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No I didn’t - didn’t even remember to set focus on start, so glad it turned out ok!

I was on edge enough keeping 300m+ away - it’s my first Litchi waypoint guided mission of significance. Slight panic at the end when I couldn’t regain control, but I think that’s because I pressed pause rather than flipping to sport and back (pause did at least pause it). Even changing to FPV mode didn’t help. I ended up quitting Litchi and opening DJI Go for the return trip.

Also wasn’t intending the second waypoint to drop from 100m to 30m, though I think the effect turned out nice.

Even over land, with good clear line of site, I’ve managed well over 1km … although the first time I was so concentrating on keeping the subject in view (car driving along road) and remembering the land marks before the trees (I was flying diagonally backwards) that I wasn’t aware of the distance until I thought I’d grabbed some good footage.

:+1: … must try some time. Looking at Drone Harmony, first, since it’s free (currently), but (as far as I’ve determined so far) doesn’t have the ability to construct missions from the laptop.

Accidents can have good results. At least flying over sea-level, you’re unlikely to have accidentally entered a negative altitude.
Hmmm …. I guess one could, for flying in Death Valley / Dead Sea / Danakil Depression. :wink:

I was 1.3km away at max - I mean 300m away from the bridge.

This is the main thing I wanted it for. Also setting up an orbit without having to fly over the focus point.

Yeah, though I’m glad it wasn’t any lower - yachts can easily have 20m mast heights.

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Ah! … but closeups are good fun! :wink:

That dinghy in the background might be that tall. :wink: