FPV Glasses

Hi has anyone used or bought the Epson bt300 fpv glasses ? very tempted though still a bit pricey.

Yes - I splurged on them, seduced by YouTube! Fantastic bit of technology. I also have the DJI white goggles. Completely different experiences. I use the Moverios with my MP for piloting and give my partner the googles for passenger rides. The goggles are really great quality and super immersive but lack the maps and other information that I am used to with DJI GO 4. This is of course not a problem with the Moverios as you get the full DJI GO 4 experience and an FPV view. FPV is not immersive but that is of course the whole point so you are fully aware of your surroundings and can maintain simultaneous LOS.

The Moverios don’t support head tracking at the moment, but all the necessary sensors are in there so this may come in the future. Epson are also writing their own software for the DJI products which will optimise the experience. If you have the cash they are worth the price IMHO, you wont regret it. No more tablets or phones to look down at. The display is really sharp and bright.

The controller takes a little practice to move the cursor around precisely and make selections, but that is second nature now.

There are 2 versions - developer edition and FPV. FPV is on offer at the moment and has everything you need except for a mount, which can be found on ebay and has the Rochester shades which the dev does not. Also make sure to use a quality USB cable. The provided one was unreliable. switched to an Anker cable now everything is super stable.

If you are in the Midlands I would be happy to demo.


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One more afterthought - you do look a bit strange wearing them and can attract attention, but that’s half the fun.

Hi Dave thanks for the in depth reply that was really useful . Would love to hook up but im in Essex. With the brighter weather coming and my android harder to see i thought this would be the way forward. Ive had my MP since December so now would be the time to get used to different controls. Many thanks Gaz

Another thing I found which was surprising is that I don’t need to use my reading glasses with them - I cant read my phone screen without glasses which is another bonus for me. Not sure why, must be the projection technology - I can read all the text clearly and the video is terrific. The Moverios come with a special nose bridge so you can were them with glasses if you need to. The DJI googles have a terrible focus but can easily be corrected with a pair of focus fixers (or reading glasses under them) which work very well.

Let us know if you take the plunge and give us your feedback.


Thats good to know as i do use reading glasses though not for my phone as i tune the brightness.
I dont mind treating myself having just bought a swiss watch i didnt need ! I dont suppose Epson will be dropping the price any time soon.

You may want to check this out too …


Pinging @Peter as I think he still has some Moverios :slight_smile:

Ps. Hi @snooky and welcome to Grey Arrows :smiley:

Hi i did do an intro though may have not uploaded. Anyway I am still loving the MP and although footage is miles away from what i’d like im having fun learning. I spend as much time on You tube as i do flying at the moment.
I fly around Epping and NE Essex .

So did you? …

so I am two weeks into using the MP and I am really enjoying flying it.
I am looking at getting the DJI Goggles or is there a suitable alternative.
From my understanding the DJI goggles are only usable on DJI drones and nothing else.
Do other goggles work with the MP or am I limited to DJI goggles.


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The DJI goggles connect to the Mavic occusync transmission directly so only good for mavic

The race edition has a built in 5ghz receiver and can be used with a racing drone VTX.

You can use other goggles like fatshark if you have a device with HDMI output and the goggles have HDMI in. Finding a device with HDMI output is extremely rare these days so not really a good option.

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thanks Callum