FPV Goggle Screen View to Mobile Phone

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I did a search on FPV Broadcasting but couldn’t find an answer to my question. So here goes:

When the FPV, Controller and Goggles are all powered up and connected, on the goggle screen you get a live view of what the FPV camera sees plus the flight info; height, distance, speed, satellites, etc etc. Now I connect my mobile phone to my goggles and I get a live view on my mobile of what the FPV camera sees, so that I can fly the FPV whilst someone else wears the goggles to experience pilot view. However, the flight info is not displayed on the phone, only in the goggles.

How do I replicate the goggle screen to the mobile so I can see all the flight info of the drone? Otherwise I won’t know height, speed, distance unless I wear the goggles. I would still fly with VLOS, but it helps to know this info during flight.

Thanks for all advice, tips and help with this. I contacted DJI and they say this isn’t possible as yet.

Short answer you can’t.

And also you’d want to be very careful flying using the phone screen and not the goggles as the phone view will have increased latency and could cause a crash.


Thanks for that info. And advice taken about being dependent on the phone view. I always fly VLOS, so I can see where the drone is at all times, I only use the phone to see the view for photography and video purposes.

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The only reason I could see this being helpful is if you were going to fly the FPV drone in the same style as a normal camera drone, but in that case you might as well be using one of your camera drones like your Air2S