FPV - Long range AND freestyle?


Hi there, I am looking for some advice. I recently bought the DJI FPV combo and i love it for cinematic fpv with the occasional bit of freestyle thrown in, however i would like to build a small (3 or 4in) Digital quad better suited for freestyle and smaller areas (flying through woodlands etc) however i don’t ideal want to be changing batteries all the time if i am on more of a cruise. I’m not too fussed about it being sub 250g, however if it can be then great. I also have access to my own high quality printer for frames and mountings etc if thats any help.

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The smaller the quad then the smaller the battery and this tends to mean less flight time.

Also with digital, and I assume you’d be going DJI, then you have weight considerations of the VTX… so 4" or bigger is probably where you’re looking to go rather than 3".

Personally I only run analog, but one of my favourite quads is my 4" Diatone Roma F4.

There is a Long Range version of this with digital which may interest you… if you can find one in stock.

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Heh… and having said all that about 4" instead of 3"… there’s also a 3" long range digital Roma…

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thank you, that appears to be the problem I’m encountering. with the digital id be looking DJI as i already have the goggles, however i’ve looked at the diatone and it looks ideal, but as you said finding one in stock seems to be near impossible.

That Diatone Roma L3 that Yith posted above is in stock

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Also bare in mind you would need to purchase a new radio to fly any quad that isnt the DJI FPV. The controller that comes with that is not compatible with anything else

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When you say you dont want to keep changing batteries how long time wise are you thinking? FPV quads drain batteries fast and the smaller the quad the smaller the battery. Flying freestyle you tend to get 3-5 mins per battery. Even if youre cruising youre not going to get 25-30 mins like you get with DJI drones lol


Go li-ion batteries too. They will be less aggressive, but pound for pound, will give you more flight time.

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About the best I’ve seen from one of my small ones is about 8 mins

iFlight Titan DC2, DJI Air Unit & camera, 850mAh 4S battery, Xing Nano 1404 4600KV
motors, SucceX-A F4 AIO FC

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Very similar with my Diatone Taycan cinewhoop using an 1100mAh 6S battery, just gentle cruising and no flippity floppies.

Yeah i’d be looking around 10mins or so ideally, i know i’d be after a new radio and bits, even the DJI FPV at full chat with a bit of freestyle only gives about 7mins. Cheers for the info, its something ill definitely look into :slight_smile:

My GEPRC Crocodile Baby (4" LR analog) gets close to 8 minutes on an 850mAh 4S if I’m just cruising around.

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If you go with @notveryprettyboy advice of using 18650 cells you can get quite creative.

And for larger quad with DJI FPV system.

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