FPV Short Clip thread

If you’ve ever had a lucky break and pulled off a bitch of a move, or if you’ve managed to jammy a trick you never thought possible. Here is the thread to post!

This is the FPV (short) CLIP THREAD!

Here is my feeble effort.


Nice trench run Karl! :clap:t2:

Haha love it, I’ve been doing trench runs in a drainage ditch at my site too :joy:

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A nice simple location… I have bandos and stuff near me but no nice friendly fields to practice on. bah.
The local RC group is rather anti-drone.

Love this fpv stuff. If I was younger with faster reflexes I’d be tempted :sunglasses:

I took it up at the young age of 61 - OK, I don’t have the speed of reflexes to go diving through buildings at high speed, but I still have fun :slight_smile:

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Like Martin said, it is fun an immersive. Fpv isn’t all about speed, it’s also about exploring and learning skills at your own pace. The dji fpv drone would be perfect for you. Great clear fpv feed and safety measures as you would expect from a Mavic.

I’d better get cracking with house work and cooking the Mrs her favourite meals and add it to my Christmas list :pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3: :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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My local RC group is fairly anti quad as well but only members at the site, officially they are allowed to be flown there so i just do it anyway and tell them old fuckers that complain they’re just jealous that they couldnt handle one. The other half of the club think its really cool and love watching the footage back and coming for a ride along on other peoples goggles.


Would be nice. But I’ve never been a member, so that doesn’t work for me :frowning:

If they don’t have club rules against flying them, just join.
Couple of lads at mine have gone out and got their own quads since I’ve been flying mine there.

You have to get through tests and stuff.

Chatted to one of the top bods on fb and he basically seemed friendly but dissuaded me from joining. Didn’t feel at all welcome.

The BMFA certs I assume? If you are only flying quads they do not apply, they are for fixed wing.

It’s a shame but it’s common my club has been getting a lot less anti since I’ve been flying mine there a lot of them don’t seem to realise things other than floating tripods and toys exist.

You could look at the club finder on the BMFA website and see if there are any other local clubs? I’ve always found Facebook to be where the arseholes live.

When I joined my flying club I was the only one who built and flew multirotors. They were not against drones as such, but for me to be able to fly unaccompanied I still had to pass their proficiency test with a fixed wing. I was quite happy to do this, it was their club and their rules. The major downside to this was I’d now got hooked on another facet of model flight, and I now spend just as much time flying 3D planes and sport gliders as I do flying various FPV and Acro LOS quads. I even fly the odd warbird now and again. Another upside is that quite a few other members now fly FPV quads, the downside is I’m the one who builds and repairs them for the other members.


I started with fixed wing so it was all good as I already have the A and B certs but it certainly doesn’t make much sense that a lot of clubs will want you to get a fixed wing certificate to fly a quad when you consider the point of the A cert is just to prove that you are competent and safe in flying the aircraft solo, this means nothing to flying a quad.

I still fly fixed wing more than quads so have gone the opposite direction to you really yes becoming the quad oracle of the club is a bit of a nuisance but if it helps them get into it I dont mind.

I find it quite incredible that, living on the edge of the Derbyshire Dales, we have yet to find a decent open space to practice. :cry:

No rugby or football clubs?

Any old disused golf courses in your area?

Certainly the ones in my immediate vicinity are a little on the bijou side. Tends to be that way with sports facilities out in the sticks. :slight_smile:

My other main issue is not having a spotter, so I’m even more wary about where I’m willing to let loose.

It’s all getting a little academic now the weather and the nights are drawing in mind… :smiley:

Honestly ive never had any issues just going to random fields and flying, no one really gives a shit.

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