FPV - Tortoise and Hare chase

Been at this FPV malarkey about 18mths now. Have learnt loads in that short space of time. Flying has been also limited by pandemic and health issues so yesterday was kind of ‘peak FPV’ for me so far tbh!

Out at our local field with @Jase_MK and one other chap. Playing chase with a super swoopy power glider, and a ZoHD Dart.

So much fun, my legs were like jelly a lot of the time :grin:


1:33 well done for holding your nerve and not bailing out. Rewarded with the perfect shot!

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i know what you mean i’m like that.

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Fantastic shots - well done and brave too!

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That looks super cool fun. And maybe a bit brave!!

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Total blast tbh. I highly recommend trying it!

We’ve tried a few ‘chase’ sessions and I’m getting braver / closer / more stable with every attempt. Have had a couple of near misses (and a couple of even nearer not-misses! :grimacing:) It’s mentally difficult just to stay on a straight track behind someone whilst maintaining the same height / speed / distance :exploding_head: - but it’s definitely my favourite FPV thing atm.