FPV Trick Competition - Grind 12/11/22 to 05/02/23

Congratulations to @notveryprettyboy for his winning Rubik’s cube entry.
He has chosen the next trick to be the GRIND

200 (15)

Hang on, that’s not it. It’s similar to the skateboard grind. You fly your quad along a beam, railing etc. Keeping contact whilst moving forward.




Yes, that’s it. Only with your drone.

INPORTANT. Turn off airmode. Have it on a switch, or off altogether. If you have it on, you’ll bounce like a kangaroo on a trampoline.

This trick will run until the start of February next year because of the shorter days.

Tutorial is attached to this message, which will self destruct with the next major solar flare.

Good luck!


Ok… Where the heck will we find a suitable grinding location?

I assume @notveryprettyboy has some ideas?

A car park that has railings? Use a sub 250g @bigdog special

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Local skate park? As long as it’s clear of yoofs, that is.

Er… where there?

I’m not doing it on the viaduct!

This is all I can think of!

I’m going all in on this. A grind, lift off, yaw 180 then grind backwards. That’ll look mint

You can grind on almost any flatish surface, shouldnt be hard to find somewhere

This thread made my night :laughing:

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Typical they have a tone of handrails where I was at yesterday :man_facepalming:

Just dont fancy banging heads with Mr Mc Nasty again :wink:

Where was that, just out of interest?

He does look like a bit of a tool :wrench: to be fair :laughing:

Feeling positive about this competition…

That’s what’ll happen to my bank balance if I try this :fire:

Having just jinxed myself is it normal to feel everything from laughter to turning the air blue with this FPV malarkey?
Today’s learning curve: The motors don’t easily shut down on DJI products. The other here is the result of Turtle Mode. Something else I won’t be trying again!

yeah not great on grass especially wet grass lol

Or dog shit