FPV Video - Babyhawk-r HD Carpark Session


Finally got round to editing a few FPV videos. Im gunna start uploading more videos on youtube if you wanna sub me :slight_smile:

The Quad is a Emax Babyhawk-R with 2.5" arm and props conversion.
Runcam Split Mini V2 Cam


Was there supposed to be a YT link in that post? :wink:


Im trying to embed the video with html but it won’t work. Is it disabled on the site ?


Just paste the YT URL on its own line and it auto-embeds


Bingo! :wink:


absolute forum noob over here ! :raising_hand_man:t2: :joy:


Weren’t we all …. once upon a time. :wink:


Great video!! :+1:


Love your confidence flying on a roof top :+1:

Too far down for me to keep running down to pick it up :rofl:

Great video.