Fpv xmas flight



What are you flying?

Sorry it took me so long to reply ,the drone used is a Hubsan 501s air standard edition, this was taken dec23 2018 ,breaking every rule in the book ,flying from my backyard over built up populated area ,but the drone registration wasn’t about then ,mind you the drone code was :face_with_hand_over_mouth: as a young man of 60 i should have known better

That looks really cool. Was so tempted to send mine up at midnight last night, but with the amount of fireworks resembling WW3 I didn’t dare, thought it would get shot down ha ha ha

I think people just wanted to banish 2020 and get it over with a very large bang ,around my way some sounded like mortar bombs .anyway flying at night puts a whole new perspective on things ,quite scary at first ,you have to put all your trust in the electronics ,and keep a good watch on the battery’s .When i fly my Night Radian its brilliant ,because you are looking up at it in the night sky ,but then you look down to land ,and you cant see anything but black ,until the radian gets low enough to light up the grass ,this is best done on a full moon and clear sky ,then i can get it lined up for aerobatics ,and make it look like its looping the moon :grinning:. Chris

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