France from a height

Taken last year on our French summer trip, just uploaded now.

Images from Hangar stitched in APG on the Mac and uploaded to Kuula.

(went a bit mad with the height, but was curious to see how far up the thing would go)


That one produces a hole at the bottom too, with the other posting method … could be something to do with the image you’re uploading … or the image AGP is creating.
Is the uploaded image exactly 2:1? … to the pixel?

Edit: In fact, as soon as you click on “Embed” in the sharing options, on Kuula, a hole appears at the bottom of the image beside the “Embed Editor” panel.

Any better, looks ok on my Mac

Nice pic, though! Wish I’d known about panos when I was in Italy, for almost 3 months, last summer.