Free Adobe for 2 months

Anyone on here use adobe cc in any format, photoshop, lighroom, premiere

you may be able to get the next 2 months for free. I have just done what the following article and it said that it did work so in theory I have next 2 months free


Nice one - the instructions page really doesn’t help with some of their wording, but like you, theoretically, I now have 2 free months coming up.

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this email has come through so all good

Service credit
We credited your account with 60 free day(s) of service.
To view or print invoices, open your Billing History or navigate through your Account Management page: Manage your account > My plans > Manage plan.

Yup - I got one of them as well :slight_smile:

Just to add in an alternative option…

(and I’m posting this as a long-time Adobe user… but I am going to give Affinity a side-by-side trial whilst I’ve got the chance)


good idea, will have a look, cheers joe

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no video options though only still and design

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I bottled it. When I went to cancel my (business) plan it said that I was going to have to pay an extra month per the Ts&Cs. Then I opened a private window and went to sign up as a new customer. First, the monthly price was £11 more than I pay at the moment, and there wasn’t an obvious 2-month-free deal… probably because of the ‘business’ bit.

yeah it did that to me but as the article said you go to the next step (which isn’t the last one) and then says 2 months free

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I’ve been using affinity photo for almost 6 months now and I really like it. It is just as good as photoshop in my opinion and I prefer it. Guess it depends on personal preference, like you say it’s a good chance to try both.

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