FREE Boscam BOS G20 Transmitter [GONE]

Just been sorting out some stuff and come across a “Boscam BOS G20” transmitter for a GoPro.
If anybody wants it, it’s yours, first come etc.
Should be able to find pics, specs on Google if you want it.

Forgot, it’s new, never been used, still in (tatty) box.

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DM sent :slight_smile:

Hi John,

It’s your friend neighbourhood scrounger again!

Yes please, if the TX is still available. I have GoPros that will accept the Boscam and a couple of projects on the go that could definitely use them as the main cameras.

Regards, Rob

OK mate, it’s yours. I’ll stick it in the post on the way back from the osteopath in the morning. I’d do it today, but it’s pissing down here, and I’ll shrink if I get wet!

Thanks John,

Is there anything you are after that I might have lying around?

Don’t think so mate, I’m up to my neck in projects at the moment, just looking at nice turntables/pick up arms.
Had a bit of a health scare a couple of weeks ago, but the tests have come back clear, so I’m treating myself!

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Did the Boscam arrive Rob, just so I can throw the receipt away?

Sorry, John, yes it did and thank you - i have yet to give it a whirl. I also noticed that although I thought I had sent a message I seem to have put our conversation in public!

Thanks again, if you need any Inspire bits let me know. I’m thginking of downsizing - 4 aircraft and 20 batteries may be a bit excessive. :slight_smile:

Glad you got it mate, everything went wrong at the PO, the card machines were all down, I’d just got enough money in my pocket for 2nd class, then the stupid woman walked off with the envelope before I’d put the label on. Never mind ay?
I don’t think I need any parts, and I’ve got 13 batteries myself!

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