Free Mavic Mini Accessories

Bought some bits off Banggood and they kindly duplicated the order.
The following are free to anyone who can make good use of them just put a couple of quid in the next charity box you pass.

Battery case for taking batteries on planes
Extended controller cable to connect to iPad etc
Rota tidy strap (red) to prevent damage when not in its case
Controller lanyard

First person to comment can have them


I’ll stick a Tenner in my Masonic Lodges Covid -19 Fund if they are sent to me.
We are trying to raise £1 million pounds for the Fund, it sits at £750,000 so far.
I am raising Funds myself be doing Aerial Photography of Masons properties FOC, they then send a donation to the Fund.


They are yours mate. Email me your address to [Mods: email address removed from public view for your own security] and I will send them on Monday.


Don’t forget to send me your address mate.

DM sent

I’d be interested in helping out with free aerial photos and surveys / photogrammetry if I can use the images in my portfolio and gain experience. I am based in Devon and Bucks so let me know if this is of interest. Happy to donate £10 to your cause as well for each project.

You have misunderstood the post above.
I am taking photographs of other Freemasons Houses ,Properties, Farms, within the Norfolk Area, and in return they are donating to the Covid -19 Freemasons Fund (of which they are all aware of).
The pictures are/will not be used for any other reason but for the owners of the said properties for their own use, but, are still copyrighted to myself.
Hope this clears up any misunderstanding

Hi there.

I didn’t misunderstand… That’s exactly what I thought you were doing. I was only offering to extend the scope of what you were doing (albeit, not in Norfolk) if you had other Freemason properties in Bucks or Devon that might benefit from photos or surveys being done done, in the same light as what you’re doing… Eg they donate £10 to your chosen charity. Only, I would also donate £10 if I can also retain the IP on the images taken. Make more sense now?

I’m just trying to get some experience and opportunities to expand my portfolio. If I can do this whilst helping others out in return, seems like the right approach to take.

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