Freewell Filters

Any thoughts on these - how well do they match up to the Polar Pro in terms of image quality?


So - should I take the lack of replies as implying that everybody is using Polar Pro??? :thinking::thinking:


Personally I had Polar Pro filters for the MP but quite a few people here are happy with other brands.

I’ve not heard of the Freewell, got a link?

Polar Pro here too @northernlights53, sorry :blush:

Nope - SunnyLife here … that from what anyone can determine are identical to Freewell with just a different branding.

Don’t use them much - but have been fine when I have.

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I use the SunnyLife filters as well, seem to do the job, certainly cuts down on the glare. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are all made in the same place and then just put different branding on them.


Sunnylife here to, no problems that I can report, I believe they are the same as Freewell.

I have the polar pro filtres - for mavic platinum, zoom and pro = been happy with them

Thanks for the replies - I’ve ordered Polar Pro.

Taking the Mavic Pro out to Feurteventura next month, so they should be of some help in that bright, oceanic light.

Bernie, it’d be great if you could post your travel and airport / customs experience in our #Travel-advice-for-anyone-taking-their-drone-abroad category for others :smiley:

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Freewell user here. I basically got them as they’re much cheaper than Polar Pro. I can’t compare/contrast quality as they’re the only ones I own, but what I do find a little annoying is that I use the polarizer ones and there’s no marking or reference on the turning piece to show alignment where I believe the Polar Pro ones do.

This is a flight of mine with ND16 Freewell on. It’s completely ungraded & shot in normal mode


So that anyone can compare the physical similarity between the SunnyLife filters and any other branding - here are pics of the case that they come in and one of the filters close-up. (The CPL here.)

Ditto - but, for the SunnyLife, their logo is at the top - and that very slight raised bump next to it is what I use as the reference.

I use Neewer, not used these ones much on the Mavic but have them for the P4 and P4P.
I’ve marked the PL’s with a black mark for my reference.

Reference to what @leeheyes mate?

(fyi, my polarised polar pros have no marks on them)

Same question, reference to/for what? :thinking:

Same question :rofl:

If you guys are talking about what I think you’re talking about, polarised lenses need to be adjusted on every single flight, because you’ll never be flying in the same direction with the sun at the same angle?

If you are talking about this, then to prevent this thread going wildly off topic please continue the polarised reference-point discussion over here: Are polarised ND filters a one-time faff or an every-time faff?

If the ‘reference’ you’re talking about is nothing to do with this, then please enlighten me here :rofl:

Sorry for the hijack @northernlights53 :blush:

The polarisation orientation.

Depends what you are wanting to polarise. Water is always horizontal - so reflections need the CPL to be in the same orientation every flight.

If for killing haze / accentuating foliage colour - you are correct - it’s dependant upon sun height and direction.
However - if you know those, you can guestimate the CPL orientation needed - but you need a mark to do that.

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As Dave said :arrow_up:

I printed this box yesterday for my filters but the holes are slightly too small for the Neewer ones, they measure at just shy of 22mm.
I’ve upscaled it now and printing it again.
If anyone wants it send me you name and address and I’ll get it off to you, you’ll have to do a little sanding on the hinges and put pins in them to finish it off.


When I had my filters out for the photo I was thinking how much more practical/smaller a tube-shaped box would be … with the filters held toast-rack fashion … the lower part about 2/3 of the total height.
a) you could place them in such that you could see the values on them … and keep them in order,
b) they would be easier to get hold of, and
c) the others would stay in position better when taking one out or putting it back.

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Something like this?

I’ve just found this, I’m going to print one to see if it works, I should be able to adjust it to suit.

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The first one - hinged with a clip.
I don’t need one - I so rarely use them.

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I am looking to pick some ND filters up from Skyreat for my M2P, apparently theyve got a version 2 out of their Polarise ND filters out and theyre a whopping £80 cheaper than the PolarPro equivalents.

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