From the Osmo pocket


Taken yesterday From the Osmo pocket with @mickydd


Was this in between feeds ;o)

Good result though, we were out playing with an Osmo 2 Mobile yesterday, seriously impressive piece of kit, although a little on the large size (unlike yours)


It actually was after a bit of nosh with @mickydd


Looks like you get some good quality images from the Osmo Pocket Jeff, are you pleased with it. I am looking at getting the Osmo 2 Mobile gimbal as I can stretch to the pocket


Try and have a play with one first Brian, they are a little on the large size, great kit and some good prices around.


Thanks and yes the size is a concern, but you can get them for about new for about a £100 which does seem to be good value.


Brian if you can go that extra pennies route i have found it very useful
took it on holiday and found the only issue no zoom
photos are crisp the panos are great and the video is bloody lovely ask @mickydd he has seen them on my 4k tv
plus its a bag less to carry


Big sell for me is it frees up your phone, The osmo mobile is a bit of a battery killer

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