Frozen Forest with Mavic 2 Pro

Couldn’t stop taking photos in the misty woods this morning. Absolutely stunning. What a start to 2021. Stupidly I left an ND filter on there for this shot, so this was down at f2.8. Still looks pretty sharp though as there was nothing too close to the lens.

I was hoping to shoot more with my Mavic2Pro, but after a short flight the probs developed quite a bit of ice on them. I used my Sony camera instead.


Beautiful photo @phutureproof I don’t think the ND filter has taken much away from the shot its still stunning. I’m looking to try something similar to this myself with my drone after taking some with my mobile last week :grin:

Thanks SirGunner.
It was hard to take a rubbish photo this morning TBH :wink:

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Haha glad to hear it, but if anyone can take a bad photo in great conditions it will be me :joy:

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HD version still processing (I still need to understand Youtube with this sort of stuff - this is 4k but not sure if Youtube is actually showing it in 4k or not).

I didn’t press the record button for the simple vertical rise shot I was going for, and instead pressed record just before I started my landing sequence. See what I mean though? Very hard to take a bad shot this morning because even this mistake looks pretty cool!


Awesome shot!

That is a fantastic setting for sure! What time was it taken?

Oh and did you have any trouble with GPS and drifting with all the trees about?

Around 9am ish

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Not a huge amount. There was a little, but I put that down to ice on the rotors.

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Thanks for the info @phutureproof that will be useful for when I try flying in the woods soon hopefully :+1:t2:

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Stunning photo, I’d be well happy with that.

Beautiful shot with excellent detail and fantastic hues. Greetings from Deddington.

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