FrSky Taranis X-Lite S - Red - Transmitter (NOW SOLD)

I bought this in April to use to teach myself how to fly FPV Quads. I’m still learning but I’ve started using Crossfire in my builds now so this is no longer needed. So it’s only been used since early summer and is in very good condition. There are some marks on the back which I don’t know how they occurred but apart from that the transmitter is un-marked. It’s in Mode 2 configuration but can easily be changed if you want Mode 1. I’ve installed the latest OpenTX v2.3.9 on it and the latest FrSky firmware. It can bind to both ACCST D8/D16 and ACCESS receivers using the internal RF module. It also has a SmartPort socket on the underside which makes flashing firmware to receivers with SmartPort a breeze.

It comes with the standard end caps and the longer caps for 18650 batteries. Also has the original case (unused), manual, stickers and box.

It’s on eBay but would rather sell here if possible. I’m looking for £75 which is around half the new price - HobbyRC are selling them for £147.25 which is where I got mine from and about what I paid. Postage will be £5 recorded delivery or you can come and pick it up from me in West Sussex (near Liphook). Paypal payment preferred.

Price lowered to £70 + £5 postage.

Although FrSky promote this as being an ACCESS transmitter the internal RF module is also compatible with the D16 ACCST protocol. I was using it with both and it works just fine.

No longer on eBay so it’s an exclusive on here !


NOW Sold.

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Thread title update to show item sold