Frustrated of Surrey

Hi All, thanks for the add.

Just returned to flying after an 8 year break due to kids. Used to build and fly everything from small fpv racers up to bigger Hexes… Returning to the game has been an eye opener. More rules, better controls are on one hand amazing, but its been a steep learning curve.

As my old Hex is apparently now obsolete, I opted to keep it simple and went for a Mini 4 Pro. Its amazing. Even with my old hex having the old skool DJI waypoints that was only programmable by laptop, this thing blows it outa the water! Very impressed with the changes in technology.

My only issue now is Ive no where to fly. Even with a sub 250!

Since I stopped flying, everywhere around me (Ashford Middx) has a bye law preventing TOAL, or anywhere interesting has an FRZ… So far all Ive managed is Hanworth Airpark. Which is great to practice at, but once youve seen the house, youve done it.

Whilst I accept a sub 250 can basically fly anywhere. Im mindful that I dont want to bring the hobby into disrepute (having faced those battles years ago when we were seen as demons of the air). So Im not planning on flying down my high street, or even cheating the TOAL Byelaws, by launching on the street and flying over the parks. So that doesnt leave many places left within reach of a quick drive when you get a few mins… Which is a bit annoying.

I recently completed my A2 cofc. With a view to continuing what was once my BNUCS plans beore the kids put a halt on things. So looking to do my GVC, maybe for a role in Photogrammetry one day, if the jobs exist.

For now, Im happy playing with the new toy. I run a youth club, so Im planning on doing some filming for their next promo vid. Ive even secured permission to fly iniside Heathrows FRZ for an event they are doing. So at least I have that to look forward to if the weather holds.

Otherwise, Im glad to be here amongst like minded folk, who can maybe give me some pointers, and show me some secret spots to go fly…



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I think you’re reading into the rules far to much, learn the drone code and go out fly and have fun :+1:t2:

Engage in local meets from the Meetups category or arrange your own and fly with others, it’s the best way to gain confidence :+1:t2:


Being Autistic. Im kinda obsessed with rules and not doing anything wrong. Dont get me wrong I played in the past, but Id like to maybe get my GVC and I dont want to ruin it with a bad rep early on. Ive done my A2, so Im well up on the code. I wana have fun obviously, but I also want to do it right. Image is everything, especially when our hobby is so misunderstood. Its a personal choice and I wont berate anyone for doing their thing. Ill get there. Just give me time to settle into the new status quo.

Welcome to Grey Arrows :wave:t2:

This is a perfectly legal thing to do. It’s not cheating anything? :thinking: :person_shrugging:t2:


True, maybe its just my head thats stopping me. I get that the parks/councils dont own the airspace etc. But part of me thinks, why poke the bear when I can just go ask permission somewhere else. Not like play parks are that exciting anyway.

Hi @Subaquatic welcome! :wave: :wave:

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because their is no bear to poke… it’s legal same as flying a kite is legal. Stick to the code so you’re covered from your side. And simply disregard what anyone else thinks. You know what you’re doing is legal so you haven’t got to justify yourself to anyone. :+1:t2:


Honestly, attend one of the many Meetups :+1:t2: it’s such a confidence boost :+1:t2:


Ill take a look cheers


Welcome to the GADC :smiley:



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Hi Nick, welcome from the Black Country.

The GVC is a bit more involved than the A2, but do the course, do as many mock exams as you can, fly the practical part (basically normal manouvres), and you’ll pass, no problem.


Hi Nick @Subaquatic and welcome aboard the GADC site


Yes, Im very keen, just trying to decide if it will be worth it long run. Is work out there or not, or is it just a nice bit of paper to wave around?

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Hi Nick @Subaquatic - welcome to GADC :+1: :+1: :+1:

If you’re going down the sub 205 gram route then the A2 CofC and GVC will be of no use - yo can fly a sub 250 almost anywhere The A2 CofC will be of benefit with drones up to 2kg as you already know. The GVC is more useful for the bigger drones but it comes with a cost of annual renewal and all the other “paperwork” required to renew a GVC - which means keeping reasonable records and amending your Operating Manual on a regular basis.

Fully understand your thoughts about “breaking the rules” as I felt the same when I started out. One thing that I did helped me considerably - I started to volunteer in searching for lost dogs using a drone. When flying for myself I found I’d be more likely to not fly an area if there was even a remote possibility of a very minor infringement of some obscure rule. That changed when flying for a missing dogs - the flight had a significant purpose and basically forced me to fly areas I would otherwise have avoided. Additionally, any inquisitive members of the public (Kevins & Karens) seem to immediately change their opinion of a drone and can’t do enough to help - so it actually helps drone PR. Give it a shot because I’m sure it will give you that boost in confidence needed to put the rules of flying into perspective - and, as already said - you’re not illegal :+1:


I did the GVC to do exactly what you’re considering, got all of the gear (3 Inspires, Mavic 2 Pro, Phantom 4 Pro, you name it, I’d got it), but then the doctor decides I’ve got a dicky heart and I’d had a heart attack (never noticed), so everything was dropped and I never renewed the paperwork.
There must be work out there, but you’ll be up against everybody with a Mini 4 Pro who’ll do a roof inspection for a tenner a go. You could ask a local farmer if he wants an overfly of his field to see the state of his crop, or ask at the local golf course to check the greens. The only limiting factors are how much you want to charge and how far you want to go, it’s all up to you mate.


That an advantage you know the details better than me.

Why not pop along or the meet in Knockholt it not too far from you.

It gave me confidence on what and how I could fly.


Thanks, Yes, I signed up to help with Drone SAR for Dogs a few weeks back for just that reason. Needed a bit of purpose. I love flying, but if you have nothing to do its basically just drawing shapes in the sky. Ive had a couple of call outs so far, but always called off before I got there as the dog has returned. Its one of the reasons I was looking at the GVC too, just so my flying had a way of having a purpose. I did the A2 just so I could be sure I was up on all the new rules. Its been so long since I flew that it made sense to do a course with all the info, even if if didnt cover this size drone. Bonus is, if I decide to add lights for night flights etc, I dont have to worry as much about weight, and if I did decide to go commercial route at some point, it has given me a good grounding on risk, planning etc for even just recreational flights. EG I flew a great spot today, which in the old days I wouldve just turned up to and got on with it. Now I did my research, found a requirement to register a flight, submitted that plan, and ensured I was covered. So its actually been of great help to know what to do.


Not good bud, but at least you did it, and your still here…

I get the market is saturated for sure. It was getting bad enough when I was studying for my BNUCS and then it was all new. Dread to think now. At the moment, its not about the money, I like to learn stuff, so I may just do it for that and to make myself feel more confident. IF and when the time comes then I can look at additional stuff or maybe seek out an established company to build up.

I used to work as a wedding photographer, but after digital came in, everyone and his wife was suddenly a photog. Its prob much the same with drones. It was why I got into drones in the first place. But eventually I got bored of editing 1000s of photos no one would see in the vain hope I had a better product and gave up. Couldnt compete with the happy snappers for the cost of the work you put it. Hats off to those that did it and kept going though,I just wasnt imaginitve enought to keep up lol.