Full Dream Ahead - 4k

A relaxing Autumnal afternoon flight along the River Crouch in Essex with some paddleboarders on a mission of their own. Come along and relax with me!!


Beautiful video.

I’m an absolute novice, but I saw 2 particular parts of this video that I love and will be trying to incorporate in some of my own videos:

1 - Reveal at 25 seconds. Loved this. As the video started I found myself wondering where the couple were and what the surrounding area looked like. In perfect timing, you revealed this to me!

2 - At 1 min in, the fly-past and reverse angle filming of the couple. Inspired! I am SO going to be finding a way to use this technique!

Thanks for posting this. I have so much to learn, but those 2 points are a great start :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the praise!!! I’ve been working hard to try and make the perfect relaxing videos…the stuff I lioke to watch and had seen these moves before and thought “I can do these too”. I’m inspired to make more now!!!

I look fwd to seeing more from you!

I’m a musician, and one bit of advice I would offer (if I may) from a muso point of view is:

1 - Whenever you cut to a different scene or angle, try to make the changes land with the beats of the music.
2 - If there is a change in the music (intensity/tempo/musical pause/etc) try to find a scene that fits to the timing of this change


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