Fun and Friendly Edit Challenge 17th March - Closed for entries

@thewhoosh when you have a moment, please post a link to your chosen photo via WeTransfer

As soon as Keith has posted the link you can start submitting you entries.
Post as many as you like, but please tell us which one is your entry for the vote. If you don’t then your last entry shall be automatically used.
Entries can have items removed, but not added. So no skies from Iceland please!
You can of course post your edit with stuff added so you can show off your editing skills, it just won’t be included for voting.
Other than that? Fill yer boots

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When will the photo / we transfer be posted, or is it still not ready yet, thanks :+1:t2:

Chill man give him time :joy:

It’s raining here, so I don’t think there’s much chance of any drone footage today, maybe go bk too my old skool, where believe it or not I actually got top marks for art, pencils & paper day :smiley:

Thou shall be more patient where’s a colouring book :joy:

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Drumming-fingers GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

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It’s a new twist on the rules. Speed editing…

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Where’s thewhoosh


I believe he/she is bottom right, blue headband a little camel toe?

Anymore guesses, first one to find him gets to post the picture to edit :rofl:

I guess he’s been locked up for flying a drone on a busy beach :see_no_evil:

First off. I hope @thewhoosh is ok and there is nothing more wrong than a lapse of concentration :crossed_fingers:
But to keep things going we would like to invite @D0c.Col to submit an entry for us to mangle.
If thewhoosh manages to submit his pic, then both can be edited and entered.


Amen that :pray:t2:

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Only just saw your post so mindful of the delay just whipped this out of my old picture folders!

View over Conistone.

I remembered to include a jpg with the large dng have fun with files :smiley:

Yippeee, well done guys :clap:
Now we all have two pics to fudge up, fill yer boots!

Sorry about the delay I did not see the thread :frowning:

Just reuploaded as the dng file would not open should be ok now :smiley:

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