Fun and Friendly Edit Challenge - 6th October to 15th October - CLOSED

The aim of this challenge is to help improve our editing skills, and give us something to do during the quieter drone flying months. There are no prizes other than getting to submit a picture of your choice if you are good enough to win the poll.

@RestlessZombi you were declared the winner last time out, so when time allows please dig out a photo for us and post a link using WeTransfer
As soon as Jason posts the link you can all go ahead and get busy with your edits.

The Rules, Please Read as they have changed slightly
Use the link below to download the photo provided. Then get editing with any software you choose.
Objects may be removed but nothing added. This means adding anything into the picture that was not there in the first place, swapping skies etc.
You may post edits with added objects, but they will not be considered for the poll
Create and post as many edits you like, but please tell us which one is your entry by clearly marking it “My Entry” on the top line of your post. Failure to do so may result in your edit not being included in the poll
Entries can be submitted until 7pm on Sunday 15th October.
Entries are open @group-challenges

After entries are closed, a poll shall be opened for all forum members to vote on up to three of their favourite edits. The winner will then get the honour of supplying a picture of their choice for the next round.

Isn’t the last one still running :wink:

We run two at a time do we not?

Oh don’t know :flushed: do we :roll_eyes:

Yes we do :wink:
One comp running with entries flooding in, and another slowing down and ready to be voted on :+1:

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I don’t really do drone photos so my selection was effectively down to a choice of two, this one was closer to previous entries. If its not suitable I can shoot something this weekend :grimacing:

I really struggled with this one because if the blown highlights in the clouds… Lack of sky replacement option was a real pain! NOT AN ENTRY…

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My Entry. A complex and tricky edit. Clouds v tricky to bring out the tones. Tried to keep it looking natural overall.

My Entry

Interesting challenge! I tried to make sure the focus was on the rainbow.


Edited with Snapseed on phone!




Thanks @RestlessZombi for the pic :+1:

NOT MY ENTRY for @chip to edit as the link has expired.

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My entry