Fun and Friendly Edit Comp Sunday 10th Oct - Sunday 17th Oct

This is the new thread for this week’s edit comp. Well done to @DeanoG60 @Jhdee @Kacey @clinkadink @Hotrodspike @rustybarnet @Drumsagard for their winning edits back in August :clap:t2: :clap:t2::clap:t2:

@DeanoG60 will add the new wetransfer link for everyone to download shortly :+1:t2:

To enter just download the image from the wetransfer link and edit away with any software you like. When you’re happy with your edit post the final jpeg back here. The winner each week will supply the image for the next comp. If you win but can’t supply an image let us know and then 2nd place can supply the next image. It is preferred to supply a RAW image for editing if possible but if not a jpeg will do.

*You may remove items from an image but cannot add any new elements to the image e.g. changing the sky (you can still post edits with added elements for fun but they will not be entered into the vote)
*You can post as many edits as you like but only one will be entered into the vote, you need to make clear which edit you want entered for the vote, if its not made clear your latest edit will be entered in the vote.
*Your entry must be posted by 8pm Sunday evening every week.
*You can’t vote for your own edit. If you vote for your own edit your edit will be disqualified and the edit with the next most votes will take your place on the podium.

Any questions please feel free to ask, and most importantly have fun!

I don’t use wetransfer but here’s a Google drive link:

This is Chesterton Windmill.

The Wikipedia link for anybody who’s interested.

Hopefully the Google drive works. Sorry JPEG only I’m afraid no RAW. (I really should start shooting RAW + JPEG :rofl:)

Good luck and I look forward to seeing what you all come up with :grin:

This was my Edit:

(Note to @Challenges_Committee don’t include this edit in the vote, thank you :slightly_smiling_face:)


Nice one mate just downloaded it and the link works fine :+1:t2: Cool image to edit, this will be fun :grinning:

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First one up and all that :grinning:

Edit: sorry second :sob:


I’m calling this one “Early Frost”


That windmill almost looks like a model :grin: Great edits guys :ok_hand:t2:


Lovely image. Is it a commercial windmill though? :smirk:

Here’s my effort for this week. Leaning into the model windmill theme.


:rofl: Nope it’s not :+1:t2:



Sunset :slight_smile:

Grey arrows



Nice job there Mark just want to point out the rules don’t allow adding elements to the image e.g. sunsets as per below

It’s fine to do this kind of edit as some of the guys appreciate seeing them for fun as long as you’re aware it can’t be entered into the vote :+1:t2:

A very foggy day :eyes: I may need to improve my editing software :thinking:


Thats a whole lot of smokey effect :astonished: lol

I may have got a little carried away :thinking::woozy_face::rofl:

No problem just a quick edit between supposedly work on client edits :+1:


A Beautiful Day



@Mungmeister feel free to add a qualifying edit without the added sky, you can post as many edits as you want just make sure to say which edit you want putting into the vote as its only 1 edit per person for the vote :+1:t2: but you can add as many “just for fun edits” as you like :slightly_smiling_face:

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