Fun and Friendly Edit Comp Sunday 9th Jan - Sunday 16th Jan

This is the new thread for this week’s edit comp. Well done to @macspite @kvetner @Sandbagger @clinkadink @Laina @DeanoG60 for their winning edits :clap:t2: :clap:t2::clap:t2:

Rob @macspite will upload the new WeTransfer link shortly

To enter just download the image from the wetransfer link and edit away with any software you like. When you’re happy with your edit post the final jpeg back here. The winner each week will supply the image for the next comp. If you win but can’t supply an image let us know and then 2nd place can supply the next image. It is preferred to supply a RAW image for editing if possible but if not a jpeg will do.

*You may remove items from an image but cannot add any new elements to the image e.g. changing the sky (you can still post edits with added elements for fun but they will not be entered into the vote)
*You can post as many edits as you like but only one will be entered into the vote, you need to make clear which edit you want entered for the vote, if its not made clear your latest edit will be entered in the vote.
*Your entry must be posted by 8pm Sunday evening every week.
*You can’t vote for your own edit. If you vote for your own edit your edit will be disqualified and the edit with the next most votes will take your place on the podium.

Any questions please feel free to ask, and most importantly have fun!

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That’s a little bit incestuous - to win the comp with an edit of the photo I supplied …

Anyway - here’s one of my daily landmarks. Hayling Lifeboat Station. Home to a D Class and an Atlantic 21 abd a fairly busy station. A spring tide on full ebb can make seven knots through the narrow channel of the harbour entrance. The top of the picture is the Hayling Island Sailing Club, wartime home to the Combined Operations Pilotage Parties - covert canoe warfare. Cockleshell Heroes anyone?

01 january (11.4 MB)



Nice image Rob @macspite :slightly_smiling_face:




And the prize for the first edit goes to…:rofl:


My Entry

Nice photo @macspite …Great place to walk Dogzilla

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Just a heads up. I have to take my daughter to see family this evening so might be a bit late sorting the comp this evening but I will process it as soon as I can :+1:t2:

This week’s comp is officially closed! Well done people, I will get the vote up asap :+1:t2:

Fun and Friendly Edit Comp Jan 9th - Jan 16th

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Result is in for this week’s vote!

Joint1st Place with 2 votes each we have Deano @DeanoG60 and Barrie @MA2flyer
:1st_place_medal: :1st_place_medal: :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:
2nd Place with 1 vote we have Alan @Sandbagger :2nd_place_medal::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:

Well done people!

Slightly confused as three images got 40$ of vote and 2 got 20%

So isn’t it Joint first Deano, MA2 and Datmandan and joint 2nd Sandbagger and Sir Gunner?

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Sorry for the confusion Rob, I was supposed to add a note to say Datmandans edit was disqualified for voting for his own edit but forgot as was running late.

Also left SirGunner out as then I could fit all the images on one podium and he assured me he was ok with that :laughing:

:rofl: I did wonder how I was supposed to go about voting as it was my first time…. Well I know for next time :rofl:

It’s clearly stated in the rules my man :grin: in the very first post of each competition thread :+1:t2:

Yeah but who reads the rules? :laughing:

Oops…. I know for next time :grin: