Fun Times Freestyling

Had some fun this evening hitting some gaps and trying some tricks


“Hey guys I’m looking for a reasonable budget FPV starter kit.”

“Haha not lost Rich, like a teenager I’m 'experimenting”

“not quite turned to the Darkside yet”

A few Sir Gunner quotes from back in March, only 5 months ago!

Now look at the Pro!! Reckon you’ve been having us all on mate and been doing this for years :joy:

Great video Steve :heart_eyes::+1:t4:

When are you moving on to bowling alleys :wink:


He needs to build a cinewhoop :rofl:

Nice job Steve :+1: :+1: :+1:

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Haha cheers Steve kind of you mate but I have all the crash footage too to prove otherwise :rofl:

Yeah that kinda went out the window :grin:
So when are you going to give fpv a go mate? :star_struck:

A possibility at somepoint Deano :smiley: lol

Thank John :blush:

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The next meet mate, I’ll crash one of yours :wink: :rofl:

Make the gaps a bit smaller now mate, I can get the Inspire through there! :grin:

John believe me when I say through the goggles the rugby posts look the size of a postage stamp :grin:

Goggles, GOGGLES? :crazy_face: :crazy_face:

This one’s a slightly smaller gap John but was close to being a crash video instead :laughing: It’s around 1:25


How many times did you crash doing that mate?

Believe it or not John not once lol but I only did it once and after nearly hitting the wall decided best not push my luck :laughing:

Not crashinng, not trying hard enough :grin: :grin: :grin:

Totally agree mate :grin: