GADC 4th Birthday Challenge

Oh you absolutely should. Experience from previous years is that this is exactly what the committee love the most.


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It should be noted that the previous years’ committee had a sense of humour …

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OK. Here we go.

Claiming a bonus point for no other buildings within 100m (you’ll have to verify that on a map as I wasn’t willing to go too high).
And a bonus point for a Drone Scene entry.


Nearest building is about 250 metres, Jez.

All good for maximum points :slight_smile:

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4. Commuter Train

South Western Railway service from Dorking to London Waterloo, crossing the River Mole after leaving Box Hill and Westhumble Station.

Bonus Points:
It’s moving.
It Has more than 4 carriages.

3 Points Please!


Taken today (21/08/2021) at 11.00am in Weston Longville, Norfolk.

I claim two bonus points for:


Last one for today. The Reception and Admin Block of what was St Andrew’s Mental Hospital in Norwich. Taken today (21/08/2021) at 11.45am.

I claim 2 bonus points for:

The main building on the other side of the main road is listed, but sadly that doesn’t extend to this building as far as I can see…


Kirby Muxloe Castle

  1. A Castle

I claim bonus points for:

  • Bonus point if there is a water filled moat
  • Bonus point if Wikipedia Link is provided
  • Bonus point for adding to Drone Scene and posting a link with your entry

Total 4 points


There must be a Citroen van too on that motorway… :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

I used Kirby Muxloe a couple of years ago.:+1:

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Not the best day for flying, at least here at GADC Challenge HQ

But some brave souls ventured out - click the pic for the latest leaderboard updates!


Might be worth checking on the official listed buildings website - Search the List - Find listed buildings, monuments, battlefields and more | Historic England - the website linked above isn’t comprehensive and doesn’t list all listed buildings.

Cheers for the tip. I’ve just checked and sadly that particular building isn’t listed.

  1. Royal Mail Depot

Leatherhead Delivery Office

Plus at least 10 Red Royal Mail Vehicles

2 Points please!

  1. Traffic Roundabout

Fetcham Young Street Roundabout

Plus bonus for 4 exits
Single tree in middle
No vehicles

4 Points Please!


Item 24. Isolated Church/Chapel

St Michael’s Church - Baddesley Clinton

Taken 20/08/21 around 6am

I claim:


It’s bloody addictive this. I’m having a self-enforced day off today and I still find myself brainstorming possible locations.

Hats off to the @Challenges_Committee and whoever had the original idea for putting together such an engaging and well-thought out competition. It’s already got me rethinking how I use my drone and where I fly it.


Taken this morning around 08:20 at the Buttercup Leys development, Chellaston Lane, Derby. I claim one bonus point for, “2 or more”.


Thanks for the tip Ian. For the purposes of this competition we are using the British listed buildings website as it is, in our opinion, easier to use. So, if your building is not listed there, regardless of any other source no bonus may be claimed

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