GADC Connection Issues

Anyone else having issues connection to GADC recently? Last couple of days I’ve been getting “Unable to connect to server” messages or a 502 error page. After a while (like now) it will be ok. All other sites I check seem ok so I don’t think it’s my end.

Connecting via iPad Pro by the way.

Yes. Had 502 errors. Soon back to normal though. Probably the millions desperate to know the winners of the Birthday competition swamping the server :slight_smile:

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Sorry that was me performing maintenance.

I did change the banner text at the top of the site yesterday morning and this morning to say sorry for the connection issues but if the site was down, you might not have seen it.

Sorry again, I try and do all this maintenance during the quiet hours.

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Banner currently linking to 2018 Golden Hour Challenge …


Fixed, soz, my bad for copying / pasting templates in a rush :grimacing:

Rich, you do it when it fits in with you…volunteer :innocent:


No problem if it’s something you are aware of. Not a moan just an observation so it’s fine now I know.

Thanks guys