GADC emails

Had a quick search but couldn’t see anything on here. Im only getting notifications when I Check on the site.
Ive stooped getting the emails on my phone. Any advice on what to check please. Thanks

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Just checking a few things. :+1:

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It looks like the last email was sent to you at 19:32 last evening. Did you receive that one?

Yes I got one yesterday todays topics don’t seem to be alerting me though. Is there a time delay between a post getting a reply and the email getting sent. Cheers.

You have to be logged out (or totally inactive) for more than 24 hours for the daily summary email to be triggered.

Ahh ok. My bad. Im more concerned I missed something in conversation and didn’t want anyone to think I was being ignorant. Ill just keep checking the site on my phone. Thank you.

Emails for replies and @mentions should come through within about 10 minutes of the reply/@ being posted.

If you click on your own avatar (top right) it will show you all your notifications - check and see if there were any for replies or @mentions whilst you were not logged in.

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