GADC Pilots' Calendar Competition - Vote for December's Winner

Welcome to the GADC Calendar Pilots Competition!

Over the next year we are seeking the best picture taken each month. The subject is - the month in question!
So, as an example, for June the winning picture will be the one that best illustrates June. Like this:

And the best pictures will feature in our GADC 2024 calendar! This is a mock up of a printed calendar page for the coming month:

How will it work?

Much like the RTF there will be a competition that is open to all, in this case starting on the first day of each month and running to the last day of that month… The subject will be simple - the month itself. At the end of each month a winner will be chosen by a vote open to all GADC members.

If there is enough demand the winning images will be made into a physical calendar, available for purchase for 2024. Currently the price varies according to the total number ordered from the printers - from a ludicrous £50 for one to a more reasonable £5.80 each if fifty are printed, £3.80 for one hundred. Then of course is the cost of sending them out. These are prices for a 12 page + cover A4 calendar from Saxoprint; if you know of a beeter printer or price please message us.

The alternative is a free, downloadable calendar as a pdf or png for you to print or even an add in to your own Google calendar - if anyone knows how to embed photos that change every month. Again, those with expertise in this area are welcome to advise.

Why are we starting this competition with the end result uncertain?

If we go the hard copy route we have the possibility of getting a full 12 months images to the printer by early December with the delivery to you by New Year 2024. And anyway, why not start a competition as soon as someone has a good(?) idea for it?

Obviously a condition of entry is that the contestant gives their permission for their image - if it wins! - to be used free of charge for the calendar. They will retain all other rights, including copyright. Their reward will be acknowledgement on the calendar itself and a free copy, if we go the printed route, to show off to friends and family.

Ideally each month will be illustrated by a different photographer; we know from the RTF that some names seem to crop up in the winners circle more than others. So we will allow a maximum of two winning images over the year from any one person. And, even if you do win twice, please keep on posting competition entries, we would love to see them and it would be great pour encourager les autres!

As it is a GADC Pilots’ calendar all shots must be taken by a drone, flying such that it is obvious that the aircraft is well above ground. And, take note, standard still pictures in landscape format only please, it is quite challenging to print 360 panoramas or videos on the kind of paper we intend to use.

Calendar Pilots. And, for those of you remembering that film withHelen Mirren, Julie Walters and all thosee bare naked WI ladies in and thinking it would be fun to emulate it -

- Just Dont!



GADC Calendar Pilots Competition - Rules

The requirement is to submit a still image in landscape format that illustrates the month in the competition title. The competition is open from 00:01 on the first day to 22:00 on the last day of each month and images for that month must be captured and posted within that time period

The image must obviously be taken by a drone in flight, images that the committee consider do not meet this criteria will not be entered into the poll for the winners. That means images noticeably higher than a normal person’s eyeline, please.

Editing is confined to colour and exposure adjustments and crop only. There must be no removal or pasting of an object.

You can create as many images as you wish and submit them in separate posts in this thread. However, only one image of any one subject will be accepted for judging. If you are making multiple entries please indicate which one you wish to be your competition entry before the end of the month otherwise the last image you have posted will be used. Basically, if you have a selection of images illustrating the subject, have the courage of your convictions, exercise your editorial judgement and post only the one that you think is best

Images must be posted with the following information as a minimum:

  • Location
  • Time and date
  • Aircraft/camera used
  • Feel free to add any further information that you think will be of interest

Entrants are encouraged to add their images to Drone Scene with accompanying notes regarding the area that will be of use to other pilots.

Images will be judged by the members of GADC who may vote for a single image by means of an anonymous poll open for two days after the last day of each month.

Voting in the poll is open to all GADC members, whether they have entered the competition or not.

You may vote for only one of the entries. DO NOT vote for your own, you may be excluded from entering the competion again,

In the event of a tie a second, single choice poll for the disputed images only, open for 24 hours and open to all will decide the winner

Further information or the original media may be requested by the judges in case of a dispute.

Have Fun! Be Safe!

All flights are the sole responsibility of the individual conducting them. Each competitor must abide by the drone code and adhere to the limitations and restrictions imposed upon them by aviation law, the aircraft being used and the qualifications they hold. Landowners wishes and permissions must be respected and adhered to. If a flight is undertaken in a restricted zone proof of permission having been granted is required.

The committee reserve the right to modify these rules at any time and for any reason

Sorry had to laugh, who wouldn’t :joy:

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What a great idea!

I will be seeing a printer tomorrow, I have no idea if he does calendars or not - but I will ask.

If not I am sure that he will know someone as he owns a large company in Birmingham.

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Great idea :+1: :clap: :clap:

It can be difficult sometimes to spot the actual competition entries in a thread, how about a separate thread for the non-judging entries? A kind of gallery of the nearly made it pics.

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The Daily Photos Thread! :man_shrugging:

I’ve used there to sound out feelers for RTFs in the past.


Splitting hairs perhaps but …

If this is going to print, what are rules regarding the overlaying signatures on the entry?:thinking:

Ah, the mavic mini I see!

Probably rules out the nudist site close to me for July then!

I second this. As long as the signature is small and tasteful it would be nice to have your name in print.

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No signatures on competition entries, in keeping with the no removal or pasting rule. If you consider that you want a signature displayed on your work - in the event of it winning - then we can discuss that situation via DM and obtain a signed copy.


We discussed this amongst ourselves, John and came to a conclusion, based on experience in other competitions, that however much you appeal for self restraint, exercising your critical faculties or, indeed, flying higher than eyelevel, a fair proportion will ignore the rulings regardless.

There will be separate threads but after the event rather than a working thread and a single entry thread while the monthly competition is in progress. The luckless minion who has been selected for the admin duties actually said that he wasn’t that bothered at having to sift through a convoluted thread with multiple entriesto find the actual entries. We suspect he has an unhappy home life so anything that keeps him in the Chall Com bunker is welcome.

So we will have the monthly competition thread, complete with photos, bon mots and witty banter and, compiled shortly after the competion close on the last night of the month, a pol which, by its nature, will show only the entries.

One further thought has occured, second and third placed pictures could possibly be displayed at the end of the year’s competition in a digital advent calendar thread …


That sounds very reasonable.

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Make sure you get it in writing ! :joy::joy::joy:

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For those of you on restricted budgets here is a free advent calendar with pictures by runners up in past RTF competitions. Just click on the date as each post appears …

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only one image of any one subject will be accepted for judging

I might be thick, but this confuses me.
My miniscule brain interprets this as:
Subject one, christmas lights in the town centre.
Subject two, early snow on the hills.
Subject 3, santas groto
Subject 4, neighbours ghastly lightshow that pumps Blackpool Illuminations up the…

So I can submit 4 entries into the competition as they’re all different subjects and all will be accepted?

Or does it mean only one of your entries on the theme, despite being a different subject, will be judged?

Appologies for being difficult, not very clear, or even just for being a twat.

For a self-confessed thick twat you are coping quite well, Darren :hugs:
It is as you said.

Subject one, Town Centre Christmas lights. Subject two Snow - different subjects. One photo of each will be entered for the comp.

If you enter more than one picture of town centre lights either you need to make the choice of which one is your entry or the last one posted will be placed in the poll for you as your entry.

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So I can enter 31 photos, all as entries, for the month of December, as long as they’re all different? Prepare for incoming :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

And you guys thought the last RTF was a fuck fest? :sweat_smile:

Yes, as long as they are all different subjects.

a set of images of Christmas lights, Balbeggie village centre, Christmas lights, Scone town centre, Christmas lights, Perth city centre, Christmas lights your demented bawheid of a neighbour has put up - all will be counted as Christmas lights.

Quality over quantity, Darren

Less is more