Garrison Church Old Portsmoth

Video taken on my Mavic Platinum

Moved your post over to #videos …. since that’s what it is. :wink:

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Hi so is this the proper way to do it. Regards Irvine

Garrison Church, War Memorial - am I detecting a theme? I’ve got a reasonable interest in military history and I live on Hayling. Thinking of starting a breakaway group - Hants and West Sussex Flers, HAWSFLIES for short :sunglasses:

That looks like a tricky venue for the shoot lots of people passing close by,
I did think you were going to hit the wall at one point :wink:
Nice clear footage though :smiley:

Hi there yes I have been pointed out about the distance will make sure any future videos will be 50m distance regards Irvine

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Keep it smooth and keep of the camera gimbal .
Nice church and good effort .

Thanks Shane my first real attempt will take your advice. Just put on my pc Openshot video software looking forward to trying out sounds good on You Tube.

Learning a lot from fellow drones. Regards Irvine