GDPR, Any experts in the house?

Some of you may know I can be a little “difficult” at times, I maybe even like to rock the boat a little? What information would a company want or need to collect from you before you could be a twat and demand their GDPR statement and possibly refuse to fill in their stupid paperwork because they don’t have one?

You have a right to withdraw consent to processing your personal information at any time. The only exemptions are when they have a legal requirement or right to process your information, such as government agencies, the police, etc.

Article 7(3) says:

“The data subject shall have the right to withdraw his or her consent at any time. The withdrawal of consent shall not affect the lawfulness of processing based on consent before its withdrawal. Prior to giving consent, the data subject shall be informed thereof. It shall be as easy to withdraw as to give consent.”

If they don’t comply, you can complain to the ICO.

Most companies if they need one, will have one.

Want to shame anyone ?

Nah not really shaming anyone, just being a difficult twat, or at least trying to be.
A customers factory has changed hands. The new bosses are being dicks (management buyout)
When I am onsite I am only meant to work with the machines my employer sells. But this customer is out in the stix. They alway ask me to look at other stuff while I’m there to save calling other companies out. I always help if I can as it saves them money. New management are now wanting me to record time on site, arival and leaving times and what work was carried out. This is seperate to the worksheets I have to fill in that they get a copy of, and seperate to the visitors log that I also have to fill in on arrival, and when leaving site. Theyre not asking much, name, time in/time out, company name and my signature. Told them today they dont need, and wont be getting my signature. They weren’t happy. I know I’m just being difficult but it was a lovely family run firm before, these bellends are trying their hardest to destroy it, half their staff are on the verge of walking out. I know I’m being petty but I just want to piss them off a little. They’ve already been told they’re getting no extras

I’d ask for a copy of their GDPR policy (also to cover you on the visitors log), is it an open book can you see names in there of other people etc ?


Yeah you can see names, car registrations, company names, signatures

Thats bad

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Thats the stuff I’m looking for! I love it when strangers help me be a complete twat, thank you :blush:


@milkmanchris Lots of companies are still like this Chris, mine was GDPR was a pain as far as they was concerned.

Anything that is personal. Even if it’s just your nickname.

If the information requested is work related, they do not have to have a GDPR statement, but they must comply with the legislation nevertheless.

I would bring this up with your employer and let them deal with it rather than fighting them yourself and possibly end up in a trouble with your employer.

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It is work related, but they are not my employer. They pay my company to service and repair their machines. I am a visitor to their site.

Just bring it up with your employer and let them sort it out. Filling in contractor entry log or visitor book is not unreasonable request - it is very common and a legitmate reason to collect the information.

If you stop working on the site, you have right to request the deletion of your personal (e.g. name) data from their records.

[Edit] Just to remind that signing in to a site is not just about the company being nosy or worried about their security, it is also important in a case of fire for example. Without a record who is in premises, no one would know or be looking for you if you got trapped in the building. [/edit]

Yes but to have an open book for this purpose is a no no.

Again this can be done in lots of ways without the information having to be hand written for all to see.

Imagine having to sign into a premier inn, old school boarding house style in the visitors book.

Data is the most expensive commodity in the world (gas and electric in the UK is getting close), protect yours.

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The OP is not detailing where the details are being asked to be entered nor it is the subject of his question. Neither it has any effect on company’s right to ask your details and store them when you enter their premises.

Of course they can, but not in an open book, in effect sharing those details with all other visitors.

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Just to clarify.
There is a visitors book which must be filled in on arrival. It asks for:
Name, Company, Car Reg, Signature, time in and time out. It is available to anyone who walks in or out of the company and all of their staff. The second form requests the same info, plus why you were on site and what work you carried out. I don’t know where this sheet of info goes to? Or to whom?

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In my last employment I had to do this at various sites.
I brought it up one day that it was a gross contravention of GDPR as you are requesting I leave my name address, registration number and mobile number in an open book at reception. Reception is not manned as such my personal information is available for anyone who wants to enter the reception area and “steal” my information along with anyone else’s information which I could “steal”.

I said no I refuse to leave this information as it is not secure and as above a gross contravention of GDPR.
I did say do you know how much the fine is for this?
The next time I visited the site the “visitor book” had been removed and a person was sat on reception.
The information then “collected” was stored out of view and the other side of a “banker tellers” window.

Sometimes things have always been “done this way” and sometimes people/companies are slow to take up the new regulations. When you explain the implications of things going wrong. They tend to jump.

As @milkmanchris says. Ask to see a copy of their GDPR policy. Ask where your information is stored as failure to store this information properly and securely is a big no no and could lead to massive fines.

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I would recommend you explain to them that you are not comfortable with filling the visitor book as it may contain personally identifiable information and is open for anyone to see. There are GDPR compliant books available, for example you could recommend to them.

Also remind them that you are also filling another log that contains essentially the same information therefore you don’t understand why you are asked to fill in the information twice.

Speak to your employer and explain your concerns to them and why you are reluctant to enter the information twice. They can then have a talk with that company.

If you want to be “nasty” to the company, record the details about the visitor book, send an email to their DPO (data protection officer) if their core activities require large scale, regular and systematic monitoring of individuals (for example, online behaviour tracking); or of large scale processing of special categories of data or data relating to criminal convictions and offences. Otherwise ask to whom you can speak about your concerns.

If they refuse, don’t answer to you or their answer is unsatisfactory, you can make a complaint: Data protection: Make a complaint - GOV.UK

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absolutely loving the club, knowledgeable member, interesting off drone topic this, you learn something new every day thanks.

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