Geldingadalir Volcano - Iceland

I’ve been watching the live feed from this Icelandic volcano since they set up the webcam on the new eruption a couple of days ago.

Last evening I was thinking how much I’d love to fly over the lava flows … but this is probably a little closer than I’d want to be.

Bloody superb at the end! :open_mouth:

Instagram link


Wow, love to see if the drone took any hits



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Anyone running a book on how many times that video gets posted in to a new thread over the course of the next five days? :thinking:


Just seen it on apple news now, so think you might be right. :laughing:

You should create a badge for it lol

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No no no please don’t :scream:

If it’s more than 20 @PingSpike has to ship out a free GADC hat to every member that didn’t post the clip. :rofl:

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I came here to post it. I’ll wait until it’s been done 19 times…

Nobody’s posted this one have they? This is the long version.


Good luck on your Coventry visit! :joy:

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There’s a superb 4k version on the guy’s YT channel … and a couple of other vids of the eruption.

Bjorn Steinbekk - A guy with a drone - YouTube


Hope I have this in the right forum.

Did anyone else see the Volcano Drone footage on ITV? Not sure I would have the guts to fly over an active volcano. Not sure my Mini would cope.

Moved your post here … see above.


There are some nice drone videos of the current volcanic eruption in Iceland appearing on Youtube:

This one, it’s not totally clear how the drone survived… :flushed:

There’s more than I thought there would be after bowlingalleyfest


We are up to 6 already that’s just in this thread.


The volcano seems to be a bit of a tourist attraction …


That’s nearly all “locals”, since inward international tourism is pretty much impossible atm, I believe.

And then there was a boooom…!
And then we all go