Gemenid meteor shower 2021

This years meteor shower. Video speeded up.


Great video, thoroughly enjoyed it :clap:You did well to capture this with the Mini 2, especially given the terrible weather of late :+1:

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The biggest problem with clear nights at this time of year is the cold…for me not the drone :rofl::rofl:. I do a bit of astrophotography and I set the telescope up with dslr attached and control the scope mount and camera from the laptop in the warmth of the car or house. No such luxury with the drone. I had to put my microwaveable slippers on when I came back inside :rofl::rofl:

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Really good! Thanks for all the information.

I’m blown away with all the tech discovered here every day … “microwaveable slippers” … imagine the pong!

Glad you enjoyed it.

They are great. 60 seconds on full and your feet are toastie warm. They are machine washable thankfully :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Hadn’t thought of trying this.
I am impressed. That bit of cloud I think adds to it.
How long was the drone up?

The drone was up nearly 40 minutes. I got one of those modded batteries from patboontrb. I set drone at 4K 24fps slowest shutter speed (sod the 180 rule) then increased iso till I was happy. Think it was 800. White balance was quite low 5000 I think.

Then let it hover. Had to stabilise the footage in after effects as when sped up you could really see the drone drifting. Denoised the footage. Increased clarity on the sky to get the stars and meteors popping but then had to add blur as they became over sharpened.

Then spent a long time messing with sliders and curves to get the look I wanted.

Thanks for the details and effort you went to.

I was wondering what frame rate you went with, thanks for sharing! Out of interest if you knew you’d be speeding it up any reason why you didn’t go for 30fps or even 2K 60fps?

I went for 4K 24fps for a couple of reasons.

I like to shoot 4K so I can add zoom and pan in post without losing too much resolution.

24fps also allowed me to slow the shutter speed to 1/25 (I think) if I’d shot at 60fps I’d have to have a shutter speed faster than 1/60th and as it was dark I wanted as slow a shutter speed as possible.

Finally if I’m going to slow footage down I’ll go for the fasted frame rate but when speeding up you want the slowest frame rate.

Hope that makes sense