Geo fencing on Hubsan Zino Pro

I’m new to the drone scene and have seen a few posts where people mention Geofencing and requesting unlocks, but I can’t see anything in my user manual or app about this.

I would never fly in a restricted area anyway but just interested if this feature is on my Hubsan.

It’s a DJI thing - stay clear!

It would be acceptable if the DJI geofencing actually matched the flight restriction zones but they are bigger. I think it is DJI covering their arses to allow for inaccuracies in positioning - they don’t want anyone in court proving that geofencing was active yet the aircraft strayed into a FRZ.

Simple to request a temporary exemption, often combined with approaching ATC and asking yo fly in their airspace.

Hubsan - AFAIK - don’t play the geofencing game.

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The Hubsan Zino and Zino Pro do not have NFZ’s embedded in them. As @macspite says it’s mainly a DJI thing. My PowerEgg X displays NFZ’s on the map but these are crazy looking polygons and I don’t think the drone is restricted when it approaches these zones, they’re just there for reference.

Whenever I fire up my Spark or Mini2 the DJI APPs claim I’m in a restricted area but in actuality I’m only in regular Class D airspace.

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As m’learned colleague @Nidge says, Hubsan appear more sensible than DJI

If you want to check how FRZ;s and DJI restrictions don’t match up take a look at GADC’s very own Dronescene and plat about with switching layers on and off. You can use Dronescene for flight planning and searching for recommended flying sites as well :slight_smile:

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Ok. Thanks all, It makes sense. I’m already using the drone scene app and I’m a couple of miles outside my nearest airports no fly zone.

I have only had my drone a few weeks and so far I’ve not ventured further than the farmers fields behind my house but it’s useful to know I’m not restricted so that when I do get the chance to travel I will make sure to fully check before flying and be sure I’m not anywhere I shouldn’t be.

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